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krkrn98 has 13 years experience and specializes in Critical Care, ER, NICU.

Have been a Critical Care RN since day one. Newest position is float in NICU (love the babies). I precept on occassion but have generally moved into the float pool and love it. Never a dull day that way.

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    Float Nurse Problem: Need Advice

    Where I work we were also having this problem, but we have implemented the use of Paramedics into the team. The nurses were getting burned out quickly because of the high patient turnover and we really needed help. The Paramedics are able to assist with many items including IV's, triage, meds, etc., but the overall care still stays with the RN. We work as a team and it has helped, RN turnover has greatly deminished and it gives the Paramedics the experience to keep up their licenses.

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