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  1. well I did a drop-in for the counselor because I had a matriculation hold, which she took off ina minute. But bring your transcripts just in case. Then I walked over to admissions and she had a list of names entering the nursing program and she just added me into the classes and printed me my schedule. Should work the same for all of us.
  2. FYI, over the last week I was able to remove the hold by a counselor, I just dropped-in. Afterward's I was sent to admissions where the woman had a list of us entering the program, she was able to add all my classes and I got my schedule. I don't think you can add it yourself, admission will have to do it for you.
  3. i wasn't able to add classes but was told by admissions that there's a matriculation hold, well for me atleast since i'm a new student at merritt. All i need to do is meet with the cousnelor and they remove the hold, it may be too early to enroll for fall, not sure, ask them if you have an appointment. I wouldn't worry, if you're a selectee for Fall you will be able to add the nursing class no matter when, there's enough space for everyone.
  4. I don't believe what anybody else says. They will support us but that was only orientation, they have to take a hard line. To many people take advantage and ask pretty dumb questions! I mean, at orientation people were asking the same question repeatedly when it was already answered, and they were right that most of the questions were answered in the paperwork they provided us. It's going to be boot camp, and I feel that what they told us wouldn't be any different in any other program, just at the other one's it'll be more sugar coated and expressed in a softer, kinder way. Being a nurse is all about being overly attentive and proactive, I'm used to it at the hospital I work at, and those who aren't don't climb the ladder or get good reviews. Maybe I'm just use to educators being that way from the variety of schools I've been to, I think it'll be fine. Unless you have another school, lets do it. Get a study group going, we'll do fine. email me sometime actually I wanted to ask if you are doing the titers test somewhere for free or cheap? I'm trying to look around, haven't found anything yet. you can email me at epiyevsky@gmail.com
  5. hey Justin, I'm Eli, give me an email we can work it out, epiyevsky@gmail.com
  6. Hey, I'm actually commuting from SF, (inner richmond). I also think we gotta get a good foundation, good study group and we'll do great. let's try to do some carpool setup, anyone else?
  7. I just would like to say that first of all they don't accept everyone. They only accepted 90 students last year, and about 500 applied. Please if you have nothing nice to say about this program atleast get the facts right. I understanfd there may be financial shortfalls, but so does EVERY program. This state is in a budget crisis. Do not think for a second that it might be easier here because it's a communicty colelge rather than a big hunky private school. Their trying to make us into a nurse in 2 years, if it's hard, if I need to dedicate all of my time, if I need to stop working, stop seeing my friends, I will do just that. otherwise, I will end up like the majority, failing and coming on to this site to bash this program. stay positive. stay true to yourself.
  8. craizy_man

    Merritt College ADN program?

    was anyone able to work during the program? I work per diem at a hospital thinking of at least 1 day every 2 weeks just so I can have the job connection, please tell me, did you all not work at all? how come you have to study before the program evens tarts, that's why your going there, to learn. Why dd so many people drop out? are people expecting it to be easier because it's at Merritt?
  9. craizy_man

    Merritt College ADN program?

    those of you who are currently in the ADN program, can you please tell me what it's like? is it as bad as they say, please need help for new incoming students
  10. i tried to get some answers form them on the phone, it didn't happen. Congrats on Ohlone!
  11. yea I wanted CCSF badly, live close, but I think 24 that passed NCLEX, that is the 24 that graduated. I can't imagine you'd go through a program, to not take the NCLEX, if they give me the excuse "well sir, that number are only those who took it, there are those who graduated and haven't taken it.." thats gonna be a problem. but we'll see, more info to come.
  12. I will call them tomorrow, i have a list of questions already, ill come back on here and try to tell you what they've told me, we'll tag team this. only way to survive is if we stick together.
  13. I have Dominican as a back up, but they are telling me it's 1-3 semesters wait, on top of their tuition I just don't know. I hope this orientation relieves some stress. I'm waiting on Los Medanos, and Chabot, got like #416 on CCSF's lottery....I guess there is a tendency for more people to gripe about the program when their having difficulties with it. Let's face the fact, We got in, and thats an accomplishment in it of itself, lets shake our groove thang. this will all come later.
  14. wow, 95 accepted, on the CA Nurs, NCLEX pass rate, only 24 graduated...those are some serious issues...oy vey. need a drink.
  15. yea will definitely see you all there, just yell out your screen name so i know who you are, hehe!