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  1. Funsized

    What schools just look at nursing gpa?

    If you can I would suggest trying to bring your cumulative GPA up with some easy courses if possible. Nursing schools can be competitive. I know how hard it is to bring a GPA up once it's dropped. I've had to do it before, but it payed off since it got me into nursing school.
  2. Funsized

    Where to find Nursing Student Externships in GA?

    Thanks everblue, where you able to get an extern position? Do you have any information on the gwinnett medical extern program?
  3. Funsized

    Employability of new grad nurses in Georgia

    Hey 2bLeonurse I was looking into the Gwinnett medical externship for this summer. Can you tell me more about it?
  4. Funsized

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hello I just finished my first semester of nursing school and hope to graduate May 2012
  5. Funsized

    Where to find Nursing Student Externships in GA?

    Hey where you able to find any information on externships? I am looking to apply to some this summer Thanks!
  6. Funsized

    Hello to all

  7. Funsized

    What schools just look at nursing gpa?

    I think most schools look at both GPAs but usually the nursing GPA is more of a determinant since these are the courses you need for the program.
  8. Funsized

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    I got a 100 on my last patho/pharm test & have since complete my first semester of nursing school. :)
  9. Funsized

    Excited for psych clinical!!

    I would like to know too. I also have my psych clinical next semester.
  10. Funsized

    ipod touch applications for clinical

    I have to agree I use nursing central because it was required for my school and I love it. It allows you to reference multiple books in the palm of your hand.
  11. Funsized

    Mercer university advice please!!!!

    You should post this in the Region section in the Georgia forum. I have been accepted to Mercer and start this fall. I would recommend that you take your teas first and then apply. Mercer has rolling admission so you can really apply at anytime, but they only admit students for fall semester not spring. Also, get and keep contact with the admission advisors they are you best friend and really try to get to know you. They can pretty much help you with any and all of the questions you have don't be afraid to get in touch with them. I would also start looking into scholarships and grants or however you plan on paying for it because Mercer is an expensive school.
  12. Funsized

    Should you buy new or used books for your program?

    I was able to purchase all my books new on amazon cheaper then the bookstore offered them used and I didn't have to pay tax or shipping.
  13. Funsized

    Online Blood Test (Varicella Titer)

    If your school has a clinic you should probably check there prices out. They are usually a reasonable amount and you don't always need health insurance.
  14. Funsized

    Celebrate Your Fall 2010 Acceptances Here!!!

    :ancong!: everyone. I have been accepted to Georgia Baptist College for Fall 2010. I am sooo happy since it's the only place I applied. I'm excited and nervous, but I'm ready for the challenge.
  15. Funsized

    GBCON Mercer

    I have been accepted into GBCON for Fall 2010. I agree the best advice is to call the admissions office and speak to one of their admission counselors. There are really nice and helpful.