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  1. Closed units

    Sounds good in theory, but been there - done that. Yes, I hate to float also. Bottom Line: The hospital has to be accountable for safe staffing levels everywhere. When push comes to shove they will resort to floating a closed unit when no other o...
  2. "CODES"

    We utilize a Code Team. CCU is the code leader and a secondary person comes from one of our other ICU's. The secondary is assigned on a rotating basis. The ER calls the area announcing a Code and asks if a Physician is needed. The ER Doc responds ...
  3. New Observation Unit ... Any Ideas????

    We have a unit just like this. It was started because of seasonal census overload and critical bed shortgage for the Progressive Care and ICU beds during the winter. In theory, R/O MI's stay there until 2 serial Troponins/CK-CKMB and EKG's are comp...
  4. male vs female

    What a coincidence, we were just discussing this at work. Male Nurses are allowed to provide sloppier patient care. For example, not giving baths, messier rooms, messier patients. Their complaints/discussions with Administration are taken more seri...
  5. cut in pay

    Hi Tynes, I don't work for an agency but have many friends who do. Yes, Medicaid/Medicare have a set amount that they reimburse for private nursing care. You need to check on what that amt. is for your area. Unless you have a contract, an employer...
  6. Obstacles to providing care

    I work with a very assertive/agressive group of MICU nurses. We have started a program in our unit to reduce some of these issues. We are now demanding other disciplines involvement and accountability for the whole patient. This is accomplished by ...
  7. Obstacles to providing care

    You were right on target Molly. This profession is people oriented not just patient driven. We will always find this our greatest frustration and our greatest job satisfaction. Since this is true for me, I know I still care!
  8. BSN vs. Associates

    Hi Everyone! This has always been an endless debate. I graduated from a Diploma Program that provided classes for Nursing and then utilized a Community College for general academics. Therefore, I had a Diploma in Nursing, and AS and AA degree as wel...
  9. Critical Care Staffing Patterns

    Hi! As a general rule my Hospital would always put 2 nurses on duty. We transfer other ICU pts. to fill an area with espically low census. However, I got stuck one 12 hr. night shift as the only RN in the CVICU with one patient on an IABP. I did ...
  10. Lack of staffing on midnights

    Hi!! I've been an ICU Nurse since 1977. I have always worked in Florida. Staffing has always been an issue anywhere I worked. What's new is now it is day shift as well. I don't believe it will ever change until we change the entire concept of Nurs...
  11. Obstacles to providing care

    1. REDUNDANT DOCUMENTATION(4 forms to put a fingerstick glucose result on). (2 forms to document the coverage) AND THE LIST GOES ON! 2. Insane Restraint Policies 3. Illegible Doctors orders. 4. Inept Computer Programs 5. Open Unlimited Visitin...