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  1. Bent

    PCC RN school schedule??

    Hi Lisa, I had 60 points before going into the essay. A lot of people posted their points on the 2010 applicants thread. So, that can give you an idea, at least from the people who post on here, where the breakdown was for invites. Applicants to PDX area Nursing Schools 2010 - Nursing for Nurses I think you are doing the smart thing by going back and figuring out where you need to be for points etc. Good luck in your future.
  2. Bent

    Applicants to PDX area Nursing Schools 2010

    (The total amt allowed for both questions is 2 pages 12pt type double spaced. Look at the 7 goals for the PCC nursing program to see the types of things they will be looking for in the answers.) No one in the first group knew this information going in to write their essay. And, even after this post, people kept pressing for more. Look, I want everyone to do well. I hope we all get in.
  3. Bent

    Applicants to PDX area Nursing Schools 2010

    I agree with what you wrote. I considered posting something similar to you earlier, but didn't want to draw more attention to the subject. Also, the damage (however minor the person posting may have felt it was) was done. I was in the first group of people 9:00 AM on Tuesday and because of the post(s) here, I feel at a disadvantage compared to the later groups.
  4. I do still look on RMP if it's a professor I haven't heard of before and because people still post there. Although you sort of have to gauge for yourself on the type of comments that people post. Is there a different website that offers the same or similar?
  5. PMFB-RN: We should all move to Wisconsin. Getting into the RN program at community colleges is very competitive here in Oregon. KMDGuy: Sara Lyon doesn't have very good ratings on Rate My Professors - Find and rate your professor, campus and more - RateMyProfessors.com. Although, there are only a few comments and one is nearly incoherent. Are you taking her for lab or lecture or both? Lab is different in that it's mostly straight memorization. I don't think there are very many people who can walk into an A&P Lecture and be successful (A grades) in a self-taught atmosphere. I also don't think someone can be considered an instructor, if most of the time they speed read power points. You can save your $450 and do that on your own. Consider switching instructors next term (or possibly this term). Talk to Sandy Neps. Good Luck!
  6. Hey KMDGuy, I think A&PI is the most difficult class of the pre-requisites. Mainly, because it's all new, it's accelerated, and on top of that you have the anxiety, perceived or real, of having to get an A. We all know that once you are actually an RN it's not the grades that make you a good nurse. You can probably still get into a nursing school with a B in A&PI. But, my advice is to get that A (because it sounds like you still can) and get rid of the doubt surrounding a B. You don't want to be looking back at that B and wondering if it's good enough for the next few terms before you apply. Do whatever it takes, it's only 6 more weeks to the end of the term. You can do anything for 6 weeks. Consider using the tutoring center at the times when A&P instructors are there, schedule one-on-one's with your instructor, form study groups with people you know are doing well in the class, etc. You can do it KMDGuy! PS: If you end up with a B you can always retake the class for a higher grade. Perhaps with a better instructor ) BTW who is your instructor?
  7. Bent


    Thank you! I will check it out.
  8. Bent


    Looking for recommendations on a good place to get immunized for someone whose insurance does not cover these: My doctor's office doesn't do all of the required immunizations and recommended Travel and Immunizations in NW Portland, but they seem expensive. $60/visit + $80/MMR, $90/Hep B x 3, $66/Tetanus, $120/Varicella + $46/admin fee. Rite-aid in the Pearl also does immunizations, for almost the same price: $100/Hep B, $86/MMR, $53/Tenanus...no Varicella.
  9. Bent

    UW Proctored Essay....

    What was the question on your essay and how do you think you did? I have an essay coming up and I'm looking for ways to prepare. Going in cold seems like a very bad idea.
  10. Bent

    Applicants to PDX area Nursing Schools 2010

    Hey monkey, I would double check your points and maybe give PCC a call to find out what was up since 2010_student said they got an invite with 56 points. I applied and got an invite to the proctored essay with 60 points, as well. Good Luck to you.