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  1. Hello lilykiss6 got your pm but I don't get to send pm's yet. So, hopefully you get this. I'm currently working as a perdiem float pca, which I love! You can apply through the website ucsf careers, I was told they are still hiring pca's, although i w...
  2. Hi Marylanding...I too am in the Spring 2011 program, so I guess I will see you at orientation this week. I'm also commuting, but from the central valley, I'm going to see how the first month goes taking bart in from Dublin/Pleasanton. I did it du...
  3. CCSF, Evergreen

    Hello everyone, I was accepted into the upcoming spring semester at CCSF and just received my packet...Which makes me even more nervous. I will be commuting from the central valley to Dublin and than take Bart to Daly City, which works out good for ...
  4. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    Hello everyone... I was hoping on applying to UNC-Chapel Hill nursing program sometime within the next year...If you guys don't mind me asking, what was your pre-requisite gpa, overall gpa?? What are the usual statistics of those admitted to UNC? Do...
  5. Hey Everyone!! I too am in the same boat. I was accepted in the spring 2011 nursing program and will be commuting from the central valley to ccsf... I thought about moving in or around sf/daly city but the places I've seen are quite costly... Plus I ...