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  1. Customer Service? Maybe on your home planet.

    Since this guy always comes across as rude and demanding when asking for pain meds, my first question is: Is his pain being managed correctly? My husband suffered from severe chronic back pain for more than 12 years. It wasn't until we found a do...
  2. Annoyed by nursing commerical they keep running

    There may or may not be a nursing shortage where you live and work, but pay attention to future demographics. The first Baby Boomers just turned 65; as this very large population continues to age, the demand for nursing services will sky-rocket. Ad...
  3. Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    I agree that all assaults should be reported to the police to establish a pattern of violence. My daughter works with developmentally delayed and/or mentally ill adults who get in trouble with the criminal justice system. The first thing they look ...
  4. Needing an honest answer

    Probably not a conspiracy, though the profit motive does raise some concerns. More likely not enough research has been done to determine how/why diseases occur. Most promising research I have seen lately involves the role of glutathione in reducing...
  5. What is so bad about STATS?

    I hated statistics in college, too, and I AM a math person! I think it was because none of the problems seemed to relate to anything I knew about (or wanted to know about!). However, statistics is one of the skills I used the most in my nursing pra...
  6. Colonoscopy: A patients perspective...

    Thanks to a rotten family history of colon CA and a PMH of polyps, I have had MANY colonoscopies over the years. Only 1, the first, was painful, and my doctor decided the amount of Versed I was given had not been sufficient. Subsequent colonoscopies ...