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  1. Financial Aid Assistance

    Thanks for the advice. I was willing to accept the frustration to save some money, but majority of her books are outdated. Not only are they old editions, but they also have different authors. I don't think I'm willing to sacrifice accuracy over savi...
  2. Financial Aid Assistance

    LOL!!! I know. Talking to anybody helpful is sometimes truly hard to find at Hinds. I was talking to this lady at work last night, she told me her daughter-in-law graduated from Hinds ADN program a couple of years ago. Hopefully I can get and use her...
  3. Financial Aid Assistance

    Miaya12-Thanks! I intend to set up a payment plan within the next couple of weeks. Do you know if the payment plan will work with the books???
  4. Financial Aid Assistance

    jg24-Thanks! I'll try the director becasue I tried the financial aid office and was told nothing positive, they bascially didn't attempt to help. MLTtoNursing-Thanks! The financial aid office told me I couldn't apply for any loans and that I have to ...
  5. Financial Aid Assistance

    I'm currently working and trying to find another job. My current job is barely enough to pay for my monthly bills and I can't get any overtime. I know I can get the money to make monthly tuition payments to Hinds, but I still need the approximate $10...
  6. Financial Aid Assistance

    :uhoh3:HELP!!! I start Hinds ADN program in Aug. I just recently found out that I do not qualify for any fianacial aid because I have a degree and over 100 hours. The letter stated that I may receive aid next semester (Jan) if I pay for school out of...
  7. Hinds ADN NAHC

    nurse_hopeful... Responding wasn't a problem at all, glad I could be helpful. I'm glad I found this website as well. Although I know plenty of nurses, they aren't as helpful as I thought they would be, not the ones close to my age anyway. I wish you...
  8. Hinds ADN NAHC

    traumafreak.... :yeah:CONGRATULATIONS!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Where and when will you start working? I'm so excited for you. Do you know anything about how the Jackson area hospitals do their scholarships or reimbursement programs? I've checked out their w...
  9. Hinds ADN NAHC

    Hi!!! I'm not sure how they do the points. I applied the beginning of March. I called around the beginning of April to see when they start mailing acceptance letters. I received my letter around the middle of April and went to the call-in on April 29...
  10. HindsCC ADN Booklist

    i'm starting hinds adn program fall 2010 at nahc. i want to get a head start on reading. could anyone tell me what books (title, author, isbn) are needed for first semester? thanks!!!
  11. Hinds ADN NAHC

    Thank you so much for responding, it gives me some kind of idea how my days will go. Hopefully I can buy the books online so I can start reading and preparing for class ASAP. How is school going for you? I wish you much success with school and your c...
  12. Congrats!!! I got in also!!!!
  13. Hinds ADN NAHC

    Hi!!! I've just been accepted into the ADN program at Hinds Nursing Allied for fall 2010. I'm extremely curious about the class hours. Can anyone tell me what the hours are for lecture, lab, and clinicals? I work full-time 3p-11p with 4 days on and 2...