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  1. JenniferRobert

    assessing muscle strength

    Can someone help me step by step on how to do a muscle strength assessment? I understand all the ROM exercises but have confused myself with muscle strength, from head to toe! Should I be pushing down on shoulders for example? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Does anyone know of any good links to help better understand where to place the stethoscope for listening to the lungs and heart? Thanks!
  3. JenniferRobert

    What exactly is per-diem?

    Hey guys! I am just starting my job search since I passed my written and skills test today! I am actually starting nursing school next month and I am looking for a job as a CNA. Is it unreasonable of me to want a job only working one or two weekends a month? I am fortunate enough to be able to focus on my schoolwork and my real motivation for even working as a CNA is just to get some experience. Can someone please explain to me what per-diem means? Thanks for the advice.
  4. JenniferRobert

    CNA tution reimbursement

    Yes I have just finished the course in Pennsylvania and I was given a paper typed up by the college that says it is the original reciept and only valid reciept that I had paid $699 with my check number and I am to give that to my employer who is then responsible to reimburse me half after working 130 hours and then the second half after working the next 130 hours. I actually took the exam today and the red cross "admission ticket" even said that you are to be reimbursed the cost of training and testing ($102). However, I do not know anyone who has done this but I really haven't asked.
  5. JenniferRobert

    Resident in a vegetative state

    Thank you all for the great advice and support. I really do appreciate the insight and your kind words. Truly, I thank you.
  6. JenniferRobert

    Resident in a vegetative state

    My name is Jennifer and I am just starting a CNA program in Pennyslvania and I need some advice. A few years ago my uncle overdosed and is now in a vegetative state at a local nursing home. My father just expressed to me that he wants to go visit him on Saturday and that he feels real guilty for not going in a while, and i'm scared. I know this will be really hard for my Dad and I want to be strong for him. My question is, is there anything I can do to there to make everyone comfortable? I was thinking of bringing a comb and brushing his hair. Is there anything else I can do or are there things I need to be aware of when visiting someone in this state? I was even thinking I could ask for one of those sponges on a stick and a glass of water and help moisten his mouth, is that a good idea? How about buying a chapstick to get his lips moist? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please be kind to me as this is a sensitive subject and the situation is completly out of my control. I tried to ask my teacher and she was really incosiderate, and I want to make my Dad proud. Thank you!