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  1. xandra628

    UMSON BSN@Shady Grove Spring 2011

    Hi, I am interested in the program and am wondering if anyone had any advice/experience on A. Doing the program part-time or B. Doing the program and balancing having young kids at home. THANKS!!
  2. xandra628

    University of Maryland Spring 2010 Accepted Students

    Hi, I am planning to apply to the BSN program when my youngest starts kindergarten in fall 2013 and am wondering what the time commitment is like and how doable the program will be. i will have one in kindergarten, one in second grade. has anyone else done the BSN at shady grove with two young ones? THANKS!!! :) alex
  3. xandra628

    UMB 2010 Fall Applicants (BSN and CNL)

    thanks!! could you send me your contact info? alexandragwalker@gmail.com
  4. xandra628

    UMB 2010 Fall Applicants (BSN and CNL)

    hi, i am interested in the shady grove BSN program but cannot go to the next open house because of child care issues. i have two questions: is it possible to do all the coursework during the day (ie, when kids are in school). also, what about scheduling clinical rotations? are those flexible? thanks!! alex