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    Future Nursing Student Needing Advice!

    I just started taking my prerequisites this past spring, so hopefully by Fall of 2010 (this time next year)I will be done and can apply to the program. Im just kinda curious and trying to look at all my options. Is the program accredited yet? I also heard that is was kinda hard to get accepted to. Is this true?
  2. Hi, I am currently attending Baton Rouge Community College where I am now taking the prerequisites for the Nursing program. Has anyone completed this program and can tell me what to look forward to? Is it any good? I am also interested in transferring to Our Lady of the Lake college? Anyone have any experiences you can share? If I do decide to transfer should I take all prerequisites at BRCC?
  3. Hi, I am working on a project and I need to interview someone in my preferred career choice. I am currently a student at Brcc working towards becoming a nurse. These are some questions I would like to be answered. Preparing for the Profession - What specific qualifications are employers looking for in the resumes of job applicants in this field (internships, volunteer work, experience in the field)? - What particular skills are employers looking for in the resumes of job applicants in this field (computer skills, communication skills)? - What suggestions can you make to help me better prepare for this profession? Realities of the Profession - How competitive is this field? How difficult was it to find a job in this particular field? - What do you do during a typical day at work? What is worst aspect of this profession? - What are the benefits and advantages of being in this profession? - How does the profession differ from what you expected? Forms of Communication - What type of oral communication does one commonly encounter in this profession (presentations, formal speeches, one-on-one conferences)? - What type of written communication does one commonly encounter in this profession (proposals, email, reports, articles for publication)? - How much of your workday is spent communicating orally or in writing? Thank you ahead of time for any consideration or participation. Feel free to contact me via email at almond_eyez07@hotmail.com