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  1. Nurses Still on Strike

    Hi I found this at Polish Nurses Protest Pay The Associated Press, Sat 16 Dec 2000 WARSAW, Poland (AP)-Hundreds of Polish nurses blocked inte...
  2. Nurses Still on Strike

    Hi PPL Yeah it does sound a bit strange throwing eggs, but the part about "..threatening to blockade border crossings and railway connections.." sounds a bit more militant. I'd be interested in hearing other reports about this strike but i can't seem...
  3. Nurses Still on Strike

    Sent to me by a friend & thought it may interest others here........ The strike of nurses continues, since two days they are occuping the ministry of health. Two days ago they attacked police with eggs, and are threatening to blockade border cros...
  4. Orem self care

    Hi talielazar A couple of starting points could be or what about the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Mailing List?? To subscribe to the SCDNT Discussion List, send the following informati...
  5. What is assisted living nursing?

    Hi oramar Thanks for explaining it to me. The different terminology used around the globe gets a bit too confusing at times. In the UK we have a similar service in Residential & Rest Home Care as opposed to Nursing Homes which have a requirement ...
  6. What is assisted living nursing?

    Hi Excuse my ignorance but just what is assisted living nursing? Is this carried out in hospital or the community? Cheers Mark -- Learning Difficulty Links
  7. Male Nurses

    Hi shelleys 1)Why did you choose nursing as a career? I used to repair cars but fancied something completely different 2)How did your family and friends feel about your decision? Suprised initially but they've always supported me 3)Have yo...
  8. Website Updated

    Hi Anyone who has an interest in learning difficulties (mental retardation -USA) may find my updated website of use June 4th update includes.... 21 new links added 5 links upgraded 6 dead links removed Regards Mark -- http://www.rnl...
  9. something I am very unfamiliar with

    Hi Is this page any use to you? Regards Mark -------- Learning Difficulty Links
  10. U of MN Nursing students

    Hi jef Sorry to be a pain but what post were they? This sounds very a interesting project. Cheers Mark Nursing Links
  11. Future of Nursing

    Hi I can't really comment on what i think will happen specifically on your side of the atlantic but i think that one of things that will effect nursing globally is the use of the internet and IT in general. I think that this will effect how good exam...
  12. nursing salaries

    Hi Everyone I just thought it may be of interest to give you a comparison to England. I've just got back from a night shift in a nursing home where i was paid £7.70ukp/hour which i think works out to about $12/hour Cheers all Mark http://www.rn...
  13. male vs female

    Hi All There is some research to support this theory that there is an expectation of gender roles when dealing with potentially violent situations. For myself i have been treated differently at times to my colleagues but overall i would say that it h...
  14. Mental Retardation

    Hi There is a mailing list for UK based learning disability nurse that you could try asking on. Details I realise you are (probably) not in the UK but some of the issues are going to be the same as we are both...
  15. Hi I'm currently looking for information and examples of reinforcer assessment tools and/or any references to relevant articles/sites etc. Thanks in advance Mark e-mail -------------------------- Nursing Links