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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has gone through an occupational health nursing graduate degree or certificate program? If so, what school did you go? Was it distance learning? Has it helped you in the daily job functions of being an occupationa...
  2. Adding more letters?

    Hi Lynnr_98, I know this post is from a while back. I'm interested in transitioning to occupational health nursing, and am wondering if a graduate degree or certificate in occupational health nursing would help make this transition. I also wondered ...
  3. APHN-BC study group anyone?

    Anyone know of a APHN-BC study group, or would like to start one online? Anyone taking ANCC's APHN-BC exam this year? Hope to meet you.
  4. Has anyone joined ACHNE (Association of Community Health Nursing Educators) and/or attended their conferences? Any benefits in learning more about Community/Public Health Nursing?
  5. Is anyone currently in GCU's online MSN (in Public Health) or graduated from it? I'd like to know more about their MSN program. Thanks in-advance.
  6. JSU's online MSN (Community Health)

    I looked into Grand Canyon too. Is their MSN (PH) a new program? I just found out about it. You can PM =)
  7. JSU's online MSN (Community Health)

    Dreamct, I haven't decided yet. I haven't heard from anyone who's been or is going through the program. I'm also looking into other programs. Are you considering JSU's MSN too?
  8. JSU's online MSN (Community Health)

    Are you considering applying to the program for Spring 2013?
  9. JSU's online MSN (Community Health)

    Have you been to their web site? All the information is listed in their web site as well as contact information if you have more specific questions.
  10. JSU's online MSN?

    is anyone currently attending or graduated from jacksonville state university's online msn in community health nursing (which leads to advanced public health nurse (aphn-bc) board certification)? i'd like to know more about this program.
  11. PHCNS-BC?

    Does anyone have their PHCNS-BC (Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist - Board Certified)?
  12. About to interview for a APHN-BC program. TIPS?

    We'll be hoping that you get in! Do have a 2nd option?
  13. I'm wondering the same thing too, Troop949!
  14. How do you like the MPH program? How is it similar (or different) from your nursing courses?
  15. looking for a clinical site in public health

    Did you end up finding clinicals in public health?