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  1. jk<3

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2013

    RN't_U_Sweet - hey there :) looks we are in the same position. Nervous and anxious for Wednesday. Putting my portfolio together and plan on going over labs, common meds and disease processes tomorrow. Other than that im not sure how else to prepare or what to expect .... What time is your interview?
  2. jk<3

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2013

    Alwaysshere13 - what else did they ask you? Trying to anticipate certain topics but sounds like the questions don't seem to have any rhyme or reason ... Kinda just threw you a bunch of random topics. Any feedback or advice?
  3. jk<3

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2013

    Sandymicky ~ first and foremost congrats!!! I am sincerely happy for you getting into the first cohort :) I've just been informed that I've been invited for an interview this Wednesday and my immediate reaction was sheer happiness and feeling very blessed followed immediately by nervousness and anxiousness. Most of all I'm concerned about the types of questions to expect and instantly thought about how much I have forgotten these last 5 months and the need to cram this weekend. Lol. Do you have any feedback or advice for me? Hope u don't mind replying to my email but would sincerely appreciate it if I could hear from you. Email - jntkim@gmail.com Once again congrats and i really hope I can get through the interview successfully and join you in the program!!! Just thinking about it makes me smile :)
  4. I am interested in volunteering for the Peace Corps and am a new grad nurse. For those nurses that have had the privilege to go and serve in other countries what advice would you have for me and how would you describe your experience during and after? I am aware the job market for nurses is competitive and do consider it important to keep up with my skills but nevertheless would love to incorporate both my passion for public service as well as my love for nursing. Join the workforce, god willing, or go straight into the Peace Corps? Would appreciate any feedback Thank you!!!
  5. jk<3

    How do you send your TEAS results???

    did you guys send out your scores directly to the school of your choice? that is how my school wants the results and if so was wondering how long it took for the school to receive the results? :)