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Kathyporter specializes in L+D, ambulatory surgery, Womens Health.

Have a horse, a Harley, a handsome husband, 3 kids and 2 grandkids. Former Marine, presently APN and 1st Lt. in Army reserves.

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  1. Long term care to active duty?

    3 months experience, you are a new grad. In any field of nursing, you have barely gotten your feet wet. The army isn't taking new grads right now, so get to work if you are serious as you want to be in shape and ready to be picked by the Oct boards. ...
  2. Complicated situation, is this possible?

    The MAVNI program is closed to nurses. It's docs and dentists only.
  3. Complicated situation, is this possible?

    "MAVNI nurses enlist first, become officers, and get expedited US citizenship. A Canadian who is married to a US citizen can apply for a green card. A Canadian TN status holder can apply for MAVNI." The MAVNI program was through 2009, if not continue...
  4. Army PFT ???

    They give you the guide when you do your commission, so the recruiter should have one if you ask.
  5. How does initial and ongoing training work in reserves?

    OBLC is 4 weeks (3 1/2) for reserves nurses. You are a nurse, and qualified. The OBLC is to make you understand the role as a soldier and nurse. You will be fine, just give it 100% at the bedside, on drills, and at OBLC.
  6. Complicated situation, is this possible?

    right, that article does not say that a person will be an officer. Lets try to stay above the fray and not get testy. My response is that this person can be a nurse (as your article states) but can't be an officer. Your article says it may fast trac...
  7. bad credit and military nusing?

    I don't know if it's an instant no go, but it's a problem especially for an officer. You need to talk to an health care recruiter for the service you want.
  8. Complicated situation, is this possible?

    Ref the citizenship and Commissioned Officer comment...here is the Army's email reply to that question: Michael, Thank you for your interest. To become U.S. Army Officer of ANY kind, you MUST be a U.S. citizen. I hope I have answered your query. Res...
  9. OBLC for 2010

    Thanks! It's so different with each branch, and whether it's reserves or AD.
  10. OBLC for 2010

    I'm curious if you all have your paper orders for OBLC or just the recruiters info? I was told that your S1 in your command would set up your class, but that could be because I'm reserves. Do you have orders saying which OBLC class you are in?
  11. Got my Orders! Army Reserves

    My orders showed my constructive credit and time in grade. Your command assigns you to OBLC. That, I hear, can take awhile so you drill for awhile if you are a reservist, before BOLC,
  12. Complicated situation, is this possible?

    There are civilian nurses in military hospitals. You can't be an officer unless you are a citizen. Good luck
  13. July '10 OBLC

    Don't know when my OBLC is, just got orders for my command yesterday and they will let me know. Do you have orders saying you are in the July group?
  14. Got my Orders! Army Reserves

    This process can take a long time. Over a year for many including me. But I took my oath in March and got my orders today, attached the unit I requested. Really happy with the whole thing. Now to buy my uniforms.....start drilling, and wait for my OB...
  15. Becoming an FNP through the military

    No one will have to go back. If you have a MSN you will be grandfathered in, but it will be what new APNs need to be certified.