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  1. tenshiblue

    Does your ICU have Propofol?

    I work in a community urban hospital with a 16 bed ICU. We've never had any issue with propofol shortage. Our patients who are in need of propofol for sedation are still receiving it without any shortage issues.
  2. tenshiblue

    Looking for anyone who accepted to MN or WI program

    I personally have not been accepted into any of these program, however one of my co-worker is going to attend St. Mary's University in MN next summer. I don't remember exactly what her GPA is but she has either a 4.0 or close to a 4.0. When she goes to school, she'll have close to 3 years of ICU experience. This school does not require GRE, so she did not take it. I hope this helps.
  3. I am an associate degree RN, and I will be finishing my BSN this coming December. I am finally eligible to apply for CRNA school this fall semester. As soon as I finished my associated degree, I've worked full time and gone to school part time to complete my BSN. I feel worn out; nevertheless, I'm looking forward to continuing on to achieve my final career goal. I'm frustrated because my husband and I have basically put all of our lives on hold for over ten years. We've delayed having children and not settling down due to my future career choice. I understand how competitive CRNAs schools are. My biological clock is ticking. I'm not young anymore. I'm worried that I don't have the time to wait year in and year out until a school finally accepts me. My current statistics: 3 years of adult critical care experience if I am accepted into a program next fall. (I work in an adult med/surgical ICU. Our ICU is a jack of all trades. We get open hearts, neuro patients, surgical patients, medical patients, etc...) I am not sure if this matters, but I have 2 years of adult med/surg nursing experience as well. GPA Associate Degree in Nursing 3.778 (My associate degree was a nightmare. We started out with 50 students. Only 8 out of the original 50 made it all the way through.) BSN 3.62 (My nursing courses are 4.0. The only reason why GPA is so low is because of the computer science courses, higher level calculus, and other courses that I took for a computer engineering degree 8 years ago.) GRE Verbal 540 (I've never been good at English. English was not my first language, and it is not the language that I grew up with at home.) Quantitative 750 Analytical Writing (I took this test 2 days ago, so I don't have my grade yet.) I'm applying to four CRNA schools. What do you guys think of my chances of getting an interview and actually getting accepted? I get pretty nervous in interviews. I'm not spectacular, but I think I'll make it through.
  4. tenshiblue

    Online Statistic Class Recommendation

    Thank you for the reply. I will definitely look into this one. Can anyone share your experience taking online classes at University of New England?
  5. Hi everyone, I will be applying to CRNA school next year. I'm looking to fulfill a statistic requirement for some of the CRNA programs. I need to find a good online statistic course. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I found a Biostatistic course through UC San Diego Extension. Does anyone have any experience with this college? Any information is greatly appreciated.
  6. tenshiblue

    Online Statistic Class Recommendation

    I'm working on fulfilling some of the requirements by CRNA schools. Many places require a statistic class and some even require inferential statistics. Does anyone have some good recommendations on where I can take this class online? Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. tenshiblue

    Online Statistic Class Recommendation

    I'm looking to fulfill some requirements by CRNA schools. Some of the places I've looked at requires statistics and some even inferential Statistics. Does anyone have recommendations on where I can take these courses online? I greatly appreciate anyone's advice.