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  1. Flobeast

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Hi fellow Summer 2010 cohort Linfield students, My mentor e-mailed me about a week ago, so you should be hearing from yours pretty soon. I'd also be down to join for a pre-orientation meetup on June 21 or any other time, if the invitation extends to all. Very much looking forward to meeting all of you and spending this journey together. Diana
  2. Flobeast

    Acceptance to the Linfield Portland Program

    Hi all, I got accepted to the Summer 2010 accelerated BSN cohort. They mailed my letter out around March 26, and I two of my friends got denial letters around April 6. I had a 3.88 prereq GPA, volunteer, teaching, and travel experiences. Linfield also just sent me a package describing all the health stuff we have to take care of before starting classes, like full physical, proof of immunizations, CPR certification, etc. Busy busy time. Can't wait to start! See any of you soon in June.
  3. Flobeast

    Acceptance to the Linfield Portland Program

    Big envelope from Linfield this year (2010).