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  1. Emory University MSN '15

    They said the deadline for both the aent and fellowship scholarships were same day as priority deadline, Jan. 15.
  2. Emory University MSN '15

    I got the same email and last week accepted the aent scholarship. I'm not really sure why I would get all of that and still no official decision.
  3. Shands Gainesville New RN

    I got an interview and found out I got the job the following day! I'm in orientation now, I can't wait to get on the unit! Which floor are you interviewing for?
  4. Shands Gainesville New RN

    Hello all! I am a newly licensed RN living in Jacksonville, FL. Like many other Jacksonvillians I have found it quite difficult to obtain a nursing position in the city. So, being that I have no major ties to Jax, (no husband/boyfriend, no kids, no l...
  5. FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    Hello everybody! I just got accepted into the daytime program for this fall. I'm super excited! I have been reading y'alls posts and stuff and it's been really helpful. I saw that everyone is going to panera at the st. johns town center tomorrow @ 1,...