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  1. I obtained my LPN prior to completing the ADN program. While there are some great LPNs out there, the education in a practical nursing program is just not equivalent. LPNs are very task oriented, and the education grazes the surface. I wouldn't say the program is easy, it's just a different focus. The ADN program goes much more in depth and I saw that first-hand.
  2. Kristin07

    wallace state cc nursing spring 2011

    Wallace doesn't have a "cut off." The lowest score that someone was accepted with previously was a 58. They don't use a certain score to determine... it just depends on how competitive your score is with others. Good luck! :)
  3. Kristin07

    Boards in 4 days... have I over done it??!!

    I graduated early Aug. too, and I didn't even take a week off! I've also studied from a few different sources... any info you study will help! I don't think you need to worry about studying "too many sources." It can't hurt in my opinion. My director told me to do a minimum of 3,000 q's, and study any practice books I could. She's a CRNP, so I trust she knows what she's talkin about in terms of boards. Good luck!! :)
  4. Kristin07

    Please help! I am a nervous wreck!

    Good luck!! I'm sure you passed.. I don't think I've heard anyone get the "good pop up" and not! I take mine in 12 days and I'm a wreck... Let us know how you did!!
  5. Kristin07

    Worried about NCLEX PN

    Ok, I take the NCLEX-PN in 12 days, and I'm absolutely terrified!! :barf01:I got a 95% chance of passing on my ATI comp, and a 1016 on my HESI. But, I worried about how accurate that really is. I've heard of people getting similar scores and STILL failing NCLEX on their first attempt. Has anyone made similar scores and not passed NCLEX? I've been studying and doing practice questions every day for nearly a month now... I really just don't know what else to do. The thought of this test is stressing me to the max!
  6. Kristin07

    Can someone help with this calculation problem?

    I actually worked it by doing 1000 ml/ 40u X's 4u and got 100 mL, I just didn't think it was right! so I guess that is the right answer after all! THANK YOU!! :) :)
  7. I hate to annoy people with asking a calculation question, because I'm sure most of you are as highly annoyed by them as me! Here is the calculation: Add 40 units of Pitocin to 1000ml D5RL. Infuse at a rate to deliver 4 units of Pitocin per hour. How many mls per hour should you administer? (infusion pump) Ok, you can't just straight add units to mL's, right? I have only had infusion pump problems with ml's so far, so this one is a little confusing to me! I have even tried googling similar problems with no luck. If anyone could help I would appreciate it so much!

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