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  1. countessvonH

    Violence in the Emergency Department

    The Ed that I work at is not locked at this time . Our emergency mental health unit has closed and the medical Ed has absorbed these patients who are homeless and dangerous. I have work on a proposal for the last year which i am presenting to the CEO...
  2. I did a presentation on this topic for a graduate class. It is definately a double edged sword. I think it really depends on the sitation and the availablity of support personnel.
  3. countessvonH

    nurse:patient ration in the ED

    I think in general that ed nursing is taken advantage. I have anywhere up to 8 patients critical and non critical. I care for patients that get moved to the hall which is a disgrace. if this staffing went on in a critical care unit the staff would no...
  4. countessvonH

    Conscious Sedation in the ER

    To reply to your post. I ahve used etomadate for inutbation. I have used ketamine to sedate children, I am not a fan of it. versed seems to be drug of choice for conscoius sedation. Remember ... don't risk your liscence if your not comfortable with a...