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  1. jedidan45

    Salary for....

    Marilyn, would you mind PM'ing me? I'd love to ask you some questions regarding an upcoming interview.
  2. jedidan45

    January 2012 Scott and White Internships

    Now see, this is what bugs me about these threads!!...everybody gets an awesome internship and then abandons the thread and never posts again, arrrgggghhhh!...I just got a med/surg internship at SW and orientation starts 3/12! Can anybody update me with how it's going for them, now that you've been through the internship and how it's going on your floor?
  3. jedidan45

    DEPRESSED New grad. What are we suppose to do?

    Same thing here in Texas. I am a new grad ADN (Spring '11) and have applied at PLENTY of places with hardly any luck. I went to a local hospital's job fair and they were SO excited I came in until they learned I was a new grad. Then they said, "ohhhh....well, umm...you could apply for one of our internships, but we only have 2 spots and have over 150 applicants"... jeez...as far as taking a job as a CNA or anything else hospital related, they are telling us that because we are already licensed RNs we cannot take another position that is not in registered nursing... just got an email for an interview at a long-term acute care establishment...hopefully that will go well...every one of our classmates that have gotten jobs in a hospital (and that's 6 out of 46) were either already working there as a tech, etc or knew someone that pulled strings... I have school loans too, but luckily I am just trudging along and taking enough classes this semester towards a BSN that my loans don't come due...as far as contacting former instructors or counselors, we have had some of the most difficult times getting responses...our program was pretty horrible about assisting with job placement or scheduling recruiters to come see us or to send us to... of course, I'm not pouting...it's my job to go and...umm...find a job, but like others have said...keep your chin up, try to stay positive, and KEEP FIGHTING!...this is definitely teaching me to treasure any job offer and hold on to it for a long time if I get hired!
  4. jedidan45

    Does it bother CRNA's that MDA's get so much more...?

    Sorry if I came off a little gruff, I don't think I could have articulated my point nearly as well...I hope nobody intentionally tries to start trouble - we all have enough trouble on our own already!
  5. jedidan45

    Does it bother CRNA's that MDA's get so much more...?

    My analogy doesn't hold water because you don't want it to hold water. These are the same reasons why some felt that African Americans were not "good enough" to take a bullet in the Civil War, but it's really because their white masters didn't want them to have weapons and possibly revolt...in fact, in my former life I was employed with a major financial institution and saw too many times where a "manager" was hired because they were "qualified" simply because they held a degree (that degree may have even been in horticulture) and non-degreed employees worked circles around them...either way, it doesn't change the fact that a "qualified" MDA killed my family member and that there will always be underqualified MDA's and underqualified CRNA's and vice versa and it doesn't change the fact that the OP had a valid question that deserved a valid answer without posturing from any of us.
  6. jedidan45

    Does it bother CRNA's that MDA's get so much more...?

    My goodness...I'm having to duck from all the mud slinging...funny to me that a tiny little question incites such rage...if someone asks me if I like to beat and strangle small animals, the answer is no but I don't get my feathers ruffled beyond comprehension...I think it's a fair question about pay rates for some of the same functions...for example, if an ASE certified mechanic and a non-ASE certified mechanic both change oil in the same car and the ASE mechanic makes $5 more per hour for the same thing, it's not very fair...of course, life isn't fair...BUT, telling someone to go be an MDA if they want to make that much money for sometimes doing the same thing isn't completely fair...specifically, women have been known to make less money than a man for the same job...can we go and tell women to become men so they can make the same pay?...no, we cannot...this is why women fight for equality...this mode of thinking seems to solidify the thinking that CRNAs are lesser beings than MDAs...all I know, and trust me I don't know much, is that an MDA was directly responsible for the death of one of my family members and legal proceedings determined this...who knows what would have happened had a CRNA been administering anesthesia that day...