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  1. Addy3

    pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice

    This is such a personal decision, and can be a very touchy subject! My answer if you NEEDED the money, would be to just put your guilt aside. That being said, I have 4 kids and we dont need two incomes right now (it would be nice). I have put off nursing school for quite a while and questioned if thats even what I wanted to do. I think putting my own desires on hold has made it that much sweeter for me:) Does that make sense? I almost want it even more than I did 6-8 yrs ago. You also have to ask yourself what you would regret more, not going to school sooner or missing out on time with your kids while they are little. Only you can answer that. Once I made the decision to just enjoy this time I have with them, I felt a huge weight lifted off. Now I am taking it slow, or or two classes at a time and when I do go they will be 8-15. There will be some activities you miss, but I am finding with my ten year olds that there are so many activities its ok to miss some here and there. Plus its only for two years.
  2. Addy3

    Online classes good enough?

    LMAO. I know what you mean, I actually showed my husband some of the discussions because they were SO BAD. I can only imagine what it would be like in class. Using shorthand or abbreviations in a class discussion forum is really not ok.
  3. Addy3

    Pregnant during nursing school?

    I havent been to nursing school yet, but I have had 4 babies. The first thing that comes to mind is the complete and utter exhaustion you feel during pregnancy, even in the early months. The other thing that would freak me out is "mommy brain" not a scientific term but very REAL nonetheless. After I have a baby all I want to do is devote 110% to that new little one.....and catch up on sleep when possible. So I wouldn't recommend trying to get pregnant during school, but if it happens it happens.
  4. Addy3

    Alcohol for umbilical cord?????

    In 99' with my twins they said wipe it with alcohol. In 2004 and 2007 with my other 2 they said to just keep it dry. Oddly enough the ones who we used nothing on fell off much sooner....like a whole week.
  5. Addy3

    Online classes good enough?

    Thats good to know! By the time I actually apply to nursing school I will have transcripts from 4 different schools.....that's one of the joys of being a military spouse. I know what you mean about having to teach yourself the material, I have felt like that with a few classes. I will check on tutoring options because that would be the best bet for me and math...my enemy.
  6. Addy3

    Annapolis area schools...

    Thanks I will check out the surrounding areas. We actually have 4 kids, so we will need to rent a house. The military gives us Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and its adjusted according to the area you're stationed in. From pictures I've seen it really does look like a gorgeous area! Hopefully I will have time to enjoy the surroundings while I am in nursing school......
  7. Addy3

    Online classes good enough?

    Thanks! Im have a strong read/writing learning style, so the classes I have been taking work really well for me. When it comes to math though, I need to see someone work out the problem:/
  8. Addy3

    Online classes good enough?

    Thanks guys, that's good advice. I know that A&P can be taken online, but I think that I will need to take it in-class. I want to prepare myself for closed book tests......LOL. What made me wonder is a friend of mine took a bunch of classes at Phoenix Online, and her current cc would not accept them. That might be exclusive to that online school though. Anyone taken any math online? Does the teacher post video of the problems being worked out or what?
  9. Addy3

    Online classes good enough?

    Hey I wanted to get everyones opinion on online classes. Does it show on your transcripts that the class was online? Is this frowned upon? I am taking two classes online right now (child dev and nutrition) and I love being able to go at my own pace. For obvious reasons I know that I will need to take chem, bio, A&P and math all in-class, but for now is it ok to take what I can online? I'm hoping to get into a BSN program, not sure if that makes a difference as far as what they look at. Thanks for your help:)
  10. Addy3

    Annapolis area schools...

    Really? Thats good to hear, honestly thinking about the commute really freaks me out! I looked up taking public transit and the estimate was 2 hours:eek: I dont know if we will be able to take a trip out there before I apply to schools, so talking to people who are familiar with the area is really helpful!
  11. Addy3

    Annapolis area schools...

    I would like my BSN. Doesnt it seem like community colleges are harder to get into? Or maybe its just the waiting lists....
  12. You guys have no idea how helpful it is seeing your schedules! (or maybe you do:) They all seem to be somewhat similar, is there ever a choice as far as different class times? Or is only one time offered for the class for the semester? I dont know how some of you work and find time to study, but it is encouraging that it can be done, I have kids so I guess I should compare that to working! lol
  13. Addy3

    Annapolis area schools...

    Hi, my husband and I might be moving to Annapolis in 3 years and I really dont know the area very well. My tentative plan is to find a BSN program out there to get into but the closest ones I could find are in Baltimore about 25-30 miles away! Is that too far given traffic and all the trips to school? Is there something closer? The closest I have lived to there is Quantico, Va and the traffic was BAD. Thanks for any advice, I need it!
  14. So whats the farthest you guys would recommend living from school? Depending on where I go I may be looking at a 30-40 minute commute and with all the time you need to go back and forth I am wondering if thats just too far. Of course I probably wont have much of a choice....
  15. Addy3

    A little help, how competitive are.....

    Eeek, super competitive is what I am worried about. The closest schools I could find to Annapolis were in Baltimore about 28 miles away. I am not sure if thats too far, but it would REALLY be nice to have something closer. I have lived back east twice now and the traffic was killer.
  16. Yeah a general idea would be nice. We will probably be in Annapolis Maryland, or DC area. The only ones I could find from online searches were University of Maryland, and JHU. Obviously the latter being a bit out of my price range and not in a very good area, but I am trying to look at all my options. If anyone knows of some other good schools in the area let me know!