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  1. 2ndcareerjo

    Celebrate Your Fall 2010 Acceptances Here!!!

    I received my letter in March. I am in class of 2012 of UNC-Greensboro, NC Nursing BSN program. I can't wait!!! THis is my 2nd degree and career but I have never been so excited before!
  2. 2ndcareerjo

    Getting into UNCG nursing program

    This year was really competitive. Around 90 of us got in and I'm not sure but I believe the gpa's were around 3.75 and higher for the ones who got in. They take the top 90 to 95 students. I have a friend with a 3.60 who didn't get in. I love it and am so excited for next fall.
  3. 2ndcareerjo

    Anyone a grad from WSSU?

    As long as you took both A&P courses at the same school, they're UNC credited and within the last 5 years WSSU will take them as a transfer. Most Community colleges are UNC credited and all Universities are.
  4. 2ndcareerjo

    So what are all the steps in Nursing please?

    Please tell me more about this float pool at Baptist? I am a student a UNCG but live in Winston.
  5. 2ndcareerjo

    Getting into a nursing school

    Really, What is WSSU requirements? Some of the students who were unable to get into UNC-Greensboro program, got into Queens in Charlotte, NC. Don't know much about the program except that it is private.
  6. 2ndcareerjo

    itouch for nursing school

    Thanks so much for the list- I start clinicals in the fall and am looking for apps. your list is very helpful!