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  1. Hi, I'm researching accelerated BSN programs in the Boston area for Fall 2011. Here's what I have so far: institutions with the total cost of the program and credit hours required to graduate. UMass Boston -- $25,000 -- 68 credits Curry -- $39,000 -- 43 credits MGH -- $44,000 -- 54 credits Simmons Dix -- $51,400 -- 48 credits Do I have these right? Why is there a big disparity between the number of courses required? I know Curry has a well-respected program - do the fewer credit hours mean more time spent on practical training? Alternatively, is the UMB program heavy on theory and not practicum? And is UMass the only place with reasonable tuition? This will be my 2nd bachelors, so I'm not confident of getting a federal loan. Cost is a big factor for me since my husband just graduated himself and we already have a ton of school loans to pay off. Thanks for any advice you can share. :)