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  1. Infection control question

    I am working on an infection control presentation for EMS/Pre-hospital and I need a little help. So my question at this point, (I may have more later) is about normal flora. I know that MY strain of e coli isn't bad for me (relatively speaking) bu...
  2. WHY do I need a BSN?

    My comments on how having a Bachelors Degree doesn't make a better nurse.
  3. WHY do I need a BSN?

    Based on Anecdotal evidence. I have seen nurses before and after they complete their BSN. Their patient care is always excellent and doesn't change one bit after they get that piece of paper. I went to work one day, found out I successfully com...
  4. presentation on ACS and the cath lab..

    Yeah, Our EMS are top notch with EKG interpretation. I am trying to clarify what happens with ACS and the cath lab. I didn't want to focus on the interpretation because they have that stuff down cold.
  5. WHY do I need a BSN?

    This may have been pointed out already but I haven't had the chance to read through all 5 pages of the comments. BSN does not make you a better bedside nurse. It makes you look good on paper. Hospitals are encouraging their nurses to complete the...
  6. presentation on ACS and the cath lab..

    I am working on a presentation for an EMS conference about ACS and the Cath Lab (NOT an EKG interpretation course). I have included the different types of chest pain, interventions, the latest guidelines from AHA regarding door-to-balloon time, Euro ...
  7. Central Lines and EZ IO needs

    excellent point! I will make sure and avoid the DON'T pictures. That really is great advice.
  8. Central Lines and EZ IO needs

    EMS folks are very visual with a lot of ADD/ADHD thrown into the mix. thanks for the feedback. I did contact the Bard representative and she is supposed to be calling me back. I do have some comics for relief but I think pictures of what NOT to d...
  9. Central Lines and EZ IO needs

    thank you so much! I am traveling out of state to do this class but if I can get to a supermarket nearby, I think I will go ahead and try it.
  10. Central Lines and EZ IO needs

    I am an instructor for a Paramedic Education program as well as an educator for our Air Medical Team and I am a prn national speaker for critical care in EMS. I would really love to get my own inventory of vascular access: central lines, PICCs, Por...
  11. Do you remember everything from nursing school?

    I have been a nurse for 13 years and I hardly remember anything. I learned more in my first year on a busy med-surg unit that I ever did in nursing school. but of course, I had some great preceptors and an awesome general surgeon who showed me stuf...
  12. Going from RN to Paramedic

    I was in the same boat you were. I have been an RN for over 13 years and just got my EMT-B by taking a weekend course and challenging the state (Missouri). I was an ER nurse for several years before becoming a flight nurse. It is awesome being in...
  13. Odd rituals at work

    While I am a drip rearranger and a disinfector also, I HATED it when my relief nurse would be doing this while I was trying to give her a bedside report. I felt like she wasn't listening to a word I said and she always acted like each patient bay w...
  14. Help from childbirth educators

    I would go to the local public health clinic. They a lot of literature available and you can get the name of the publisher on the back of the pamphlet to order more for yourself and your classes. You can get a lot of great used books from half.com...
  15. I will find myself dreaming of call lights going off and will get up to search the house in order to shut them off. Only after I have gone up and down my hall do I wake up enough to realize it was all a dream. Yes, I admire veins all the time. ...