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  1. shayling84

    Just finished the NCLEX.....PVT

    So i took my test at 0800 and its now1340 and i got the good pop up.....but in the box that has ur activity status where it says delivery successful, it says "your exam results are not available at this time" in red letters. does everyones say that regardless of pass or fail? or does that truly mean the results arent ready despite the good pop up that i recieved?????????????? so freaked out!
  2. shayling84

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Anyone reading this and knows the answer please hellllp!!! i finished my nclexRN at 10;30 this a.m and its now 11;45, how soon can i be comfortable with the pearson vue trick? i just tried to re-register and it didnt let me saying that o have a test scheduled....so, should i check back later to make sure it still says the same or is the results immediate????? Shay from florida:confused::confused::confused::confused: