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  1. Hello! My question: How many hours per week do you work, when considered full time? New FNP here, I have an excellent job. Wonderful people, great orientation and support. I am getting paid by RVUS and happy about that. However, I have to work 5 days a week /40 CONTACT HOURS. So this means 9 hours per day, since lunch is 1 hour, and I always chart through lunch, as well as evenings after work. All the the other positions I applied for were considered full time at 32 or 35 hours per week for Nurse Practitioners. I am trying to find the right data to present, and welcome any tips on how to bring this up. I would like to know if I am unreasonable? I work in the state of Minnesota. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a nurse with the following international work experience: OR-anesthesia, med/surg wards, plastic surgery clinic, home care etc =total 2yrs Hospital Dialysis= 5mo ( we had Fresenius machines) Also a busy mother of 3 lively boys. Passed the NCLEX, got the licence. Moving to AZ in May. So my question is: WHERE DO YOU RECOMMEND ME TO START IN DIALYSIS? I'd like to hear the advantages & disadvantages, salaries and experienced tips from both!!! ...and what I'm interested to know as well, is: do patients have a-v fistulas? Here in Europe that is the most preferred option. THANKS A MILLION!