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    Admission Requirements

    I've seen schools require upper division statistics course and for some reason they are very focused on your grade, so get an A. I've also seen programs require organic chemistry and physics, both of which I didn't have and did reduce the amount of schools I was eligible to apply to. I've been admitted to a program, but have yet to start. I don't know if taking these courses would help in the program, but it will allow you to apply to as many programs as you're interested in, and help you get into the programs as well, if you have great grades! Hope that helps!
  2. meep meeps

    University of Pittsburgh CRNA Program

    Air Force RN, Can you let your co-worker know about this for me? I created a facebook group for Pitt's Class of Dec 2013. I'm trying to locate people in the class so we can get to know each other a little before school starts. If he/she is interested in joining the group, have them email me at 4greyst@gmail.com Congrats on your admission to Drexel!! IF anyone out there got into Pitt for the class starting in August, feel free to email me. I've found several people already and we're all excited about getting to know everyone!!
  3. meep meeps

    Shadowed a CRNA? How did it go?

    I was asked about my shadow experience at every single interview I went to. I highly recommend shadowing a CRNA (instead of an MD). I was asked about specific types of cases I had seen. Thankfully one of the CRNAs I shadowed was really excited I was applying to the school he graduated from, and he offered to write me a recommendation letter on the spot. I also recommend having a recommendation letter from a CRNA. That being said, I had a difficult time getting into the OR to shadow. I found a lot of dead end paths. I met a CRNA who said she'd let me shadow (I asked her during a bedside report in the ICU) and she never responded to my email. One of the nursing educators tried to get me in touch with someone (oddly the same woman as before) and that was a dead end. I talked with my manager who said he'd get me in contact with the OR manager, and that never happened. So, I called up a friend who was friends with an anesthesia resident. He emailed a director for me and he actually wrote me back and invited me in. He was really really friendly and spent two days bouncing me around in several ORs so I could see a variety of methods/airways/cases. I felt I was missing a really big open heart case, so after another dead-end, I finally just asked the surgeon if I could watch a case. I showed up early in the OR that morning, and after a lot of confusion, someone finally agreed to let me in. I was with an anesthesia resident and attending, but at least was able to see a large open heart case. It was a very awesome experience and did prepare me for that question in the interview. But, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It took me probably 4 months to get it all done.
  4. meep meeps

    University of Pittsburgh CRNA Program

    I believe everyone who is invited for an interview is capable of completing the program and passing the boards. Maybe they choose based on interpersonal skills, personality, and ability to represent Pitt well out in the community as a SRNA and CRNA. You can have the resume of a god, and a personality of a doorknob. I'll choose to person with less of a resume who has a personality, is likeable, and is equally capable of doing well in school. A great resume just takes time to build. Someone amazing with one year of experience could have that resume in 10 years, but has chosen to move ahead sooner than that.