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  1. moondanzer

    intern/externship for student nurse

    I am currently in an RN progam. I did try atlantic care but they require that you live in atlantic county to apply.Thanks for replying
  2. moondanzer

    intern/externship for student nurse

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that offers externships over the summer in South Jersey. I am currently finishing my third semester in an RN program and will graduate in December. I'm very eager to get started somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)
  3. moondanzer

    burlington county college

    I received my acceptance letter the beginning of November.
  4. moondanzer

    burlington county college

    Anyone else starting burlington county college rn program for spring 2011? :)
  5. Hello, I was just excepted into burlington county college RN program and have so many questions. Does anyone know what the tuition and fees are?, What is the evening classes and schedule like? Do you think it's possible to work part time and be in nursing courses? Any suggestions you can give are appreciated.:)
  6. moondanzer

    acceptance letter burlington county college

    I did finish all my pre-reqs. How about you? I guess I'll be playing the mailbox game too. :)
  7. Hello , I was wondering if anyone had received their acceptance letter to burlington county college RN program for spring 2011?
  8. moondanzer


    Does anyone know if BCIT's LPN program in NJ will except the NET test?
  9. moondanzer

    lpn to rn

    Is it easier to go through an RN program if your an LPN first? Having trouble getting into an RN program and heard that it's easier to get into an RN program if your an LPN first is this true?
  10. moondanzer

    pre-nursing advice

    Yes I have completed all my pre-reqs. I have only applied to the community colleges in the area.
  11. moondanzer

    pre-nursing advice

    Help! I need pre-nursing advice. I have been a veterinary nurse for 11 years and have recently decided to go back to school for Nursing. my GPA is not very high at 2.61 I didn't really care about school when I was younger and my GPA paid the price. I'm having trouble getting into nursing school. I have an associates degree in applied science so I don't know if it would be faster for me to go the BSN route or RN. Some people I've talked to also say if I'm having trouble getting into school for RN I should get my LPN then go back for RN I'm so confused. Every nursing school around me wants a different entrance exam. I have taken my NET and received good scores. Should I take the TEAS and HESI tests as well? Should I take some more classes to raise my GPA? Any advice would be appreciated.:heartbeat