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  1. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON questions

    FYI, We just got a letter from SHY SON telling us the tuition went down 1400$/semester
  2. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON questions

  3. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON questions

    I added you to my contacts list so if you have annnny more questions just message me and ill answer whatever I can! :)
  4. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON questions

    Heres the break down of the payment schedule.. it may vary with what classes you've already taken.. ps. they don't transfer any nursing classes you have taken.. JUST AP I and II (has to be from same school), MICRO, NUTRTION, LOGIC, INTRO TO DIVERSTIY 1st semester: $4774, 2nd semster: $5797, 3rd Semester: $5797, 4th Semester: $6138, 5th Semester $6479, 6th Semester $3069
  5. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON questions

    yeah you pay it over the 6 semesters that you are there! and there are a lot of loans you can do.. they offer fasfa and private loans and stuff which is what everyone that i knew had to do because they didn't qualify for the tuition forgiveness... I would call and ask the school about the forgiveness and see if they still offer it.. and the tuition basically doubled..and they told us it was for "economic situations".... rriiight!!
  6. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON questions

    I started in August and I have the tuition forgiveness and basically you have to pay 12,800 total... divided into 6 semesters. The total schooling costs around 32,000.. and UPMC pays 19,000 and you come up with the rest... BUT the class that just started this semester (March) was not offered the tuition forgiveness so I don't even know if they still have it..
  7. Fall term started AUGUST 30th!!
  8. You will LOVEEE SHY SON!!! =) Good Luck!!
  9. I go to Shadyside now and I started in August but they also have a March start date!
  10. Kimba100

    Shadyside SON Fall 2010

    I'm getting Nervous to but I'm so excited that I got all my books ordered, supplies bought,lab coat on order, parking spot reserved! =) I'm FINALLY almost done with my compliance's! I went for my last ppd test today... so glad thats all over for now. There HASSSSSSSSSs to be more Fall UPMC students then just us 3!! Also I'm in group A-2.. Anyone else?!
  11. Kimba100

    Big day!

    Its one of the worssst feelings in the world waiting for the results and even more worse waiting for your acceptance letter!! I took my test on 3-24 and got my results back 4-8 so it was just a little over 2 weeks!! GOOD LUCK!!:)
  12. Kimba100

    Starting to get nervous!

    Its like... How is a current measured?..and the answer would be AMPS or amperes. And How is resistance measured.. and the answer would be Ohms. Really just study this site.. Ohm's Law for Electrical Circuits - Succeed in Understanding Physics: School for Champions This is all I studied and I got all of them right. There might also be a picture of electric following from a source and you have pick which way the current is flowing!
  13. Kimba100

    Moved to PA -- Need FBI Fingerprint Checks (???)

    I had to get fingerprinting done to start nursing school in PA and we had to go to http://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm and sign up from this website through the department of welfare because you have to be pre registered before you go to a site to get your finger prints scanned. We also had to get a background check done at the same time and for the total of everything it was $36.00. If you go to that website all the information should be there and you have to look up local fingerprinting centers near you to go get them done.. it takes about 2 weeks for them to come in the mail! Hope that helps!
  14. Kimba100

    Starting to get nervous!

    I used Barron's Nursing School Entrance Exam book to study and thats it and I thought it helped a lot! Make sure you brush up on basic anatomy questions like where is the tibia located, etc. Also there was 5-6 questions on electricity about kilowatts and currents ..very weird stuff to be on a nursing entrance exam.. GOOOOOD LUCK!!
  15. Kimba100

    UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing '09'

    Does anyone know what all Clinical rotations you do throughout nursing school at Shadyside? I'm curious if you do anything with Pediatrics or Labor and Delivery?