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  1. luv2bakeRN

    Do I need to take my bls card for an interview?

    I agree, bring the card to the interview. If you still can't find the card by the time you interview and/or are hired, the hospital usually offers a BLS course. You could always take one of their classes before you actually start working on the unit.
  2. luv2bakeRN

    Nurses and Coffee

    I love coffee and can't imagine if I'd have to go without it. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee.
  3. luv2bakeRN

    Best Shoes for Nursing

    I have tried nurse mates and danskos and they both hurt my feet. I prefer running shoes. I love Saucony or New Balance. I feel like I am walking on clouds with Saucony; my feet never hurt after 12 hour shifts.
  4. luv2bakeRN

    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    love the song! Long time lurker, but just recently joined! :)
  5. luv2bakeRN

    Does where you work offer insurance policies?

    Yes, every employer that I have worked for in the health care field offered health insurance.
  6. luv2bakeRN

    Calling out the pts name in the waiting room...HIPAA?

    Interesting... thanks for the information. I remember in college, at the health center, the sign in sheets requested "reason for visit" and didn't cover up the previous names.
  7. luv2bakeRN

    Calling out the pts name in the waiting room...HIPAA?

    I worked in a clinic type setting and we also called out the patients name in the waiting area. And as a patient, they have always used names in any doctor's office I have been to. I am curious to know the same. Also, are sign in sheets a HIPPA violation? I have been to doctor's offices where you have to sign in your full name with the doctor you are seeing, and they don't cover up the previous names. Where I work now in a hospital, we have a visitors log with patients names in it.
  8. luv2bakeRN

    Did anyone who is a new grad get a hospital job?

    Yes, I got a hospital job as a new grad and had no connections to the hospital.
  9. luv2bakeRN

    Follow up calls after an interview

    I agree with sending a thank-you letter 1-2 days after the interview (as soon as you can); and then follow up with a phone call 1-2 weeks later if you haven't heard anything. Good luck with your job search! :)
  10. luv2bakeRN

    HESI during Nursing school?

    I had to take HESI's in nursing school, and had to take an exit HESI exam with a minimum passing score in order to graduate. It is supposed to be a predictor if you will pass NCLEX on the first try. I found NCLEX to be easier than HESI. There is a HESI book to help you study. However, I found Saunders to be the best study guide, for HESI and NCLEX.
  11. luv2bakeRN

    Thank you note question???

    Send the thank-you note before the peer review :) Good luck!
  12. luv2bakeRN

    a few questions for an RN new grad

    what field of nursing do you work in? neonatal intensive care unit what best prepared you for your transition to new grad? having a supportive nursing educator and preceptor. did you participate in a preceptor program designed for new grads? no, i didn't. however, i was paired with excellent preceptors. what did you feel most prepared for? calculating medications. what did you struggle most with during your transition from student to nurse? time management, drawing blood, and starting iv's. what is the most important thing you think i should know before entering the field? that your future employer offers a training program that is supportive to a new grad.