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JordiesMomRN has 9 years experience and specializes in CCU, Infection Control.

Finished my RN to BSN in August of 2014-SUNY Delhi, loved the program. I have worked in the CCU for about 6 years and case management for about 18 months. January of 2015, I started in my new role as an infection preventionist. I am very excited to be in the new role. I have joined and great IC team and look forward to all that I have to learn.

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  1. Wilmington University Post Masters FNP program

    OK, I get it. Do you think that going the ground program route, versus online, would help? I did my BSN at SUNY-Delhi (NY). Excellent program!! But when I graduated in about 2014, they only offered the MSN in Education. I'm sorry that I cannot hel...
  2. Wilmington University Post Masters FNP program

    Hi Denisse, I completed my MSN there (online) in 2017. I was looking for a program that also had a ground program, good reputation, and was reasonably priced. I thought the program was alright and I did not have any real issues. My RN to BSN (at a...
  3. MSN in Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality

    I there! I am a quality management specialist (QMS) and I love my job! I would recommend that you try "shadow" a QMS at your place of employment to really get the feel of what we do. Keep in mind that different employers will have different job des...
  4. Any nurse auditors out there?

    Hi Carl, I am a quality management specialist. I review charts all the time, from a quality presepective. I'm not too sure what a nurse auditor does. If you could explain, I might be able to help. Reneé
  5. CPHQ Exam

    Hi there! Just wondering if you ever received any insight into the exam? I am starting to study now. Thanks!
  6. What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    In was just waiting to see someone's Kryptonite of "retching and vomiting"!! I cannot handle this either because I start to retch!!'s so silly and weird. I can love the slurping and satisfaction of deep tracheal suctioning, but cannot st...
  7. Hello QIqueen (I love your name :)), Thanks for taking the time to share this great information. I feel like I have a better starting point now
  8. RiskManager thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my posting with this valuable information. Forgot to mention that I will be transferring into this position, I am a bit familiar with the Quality Improvement Director. The director ha...
  9. Hello Everyone, I have accepted a job as a Patient Safety/Quality Coordinator of a cardiac line [Cath Lab, Echo/ TEE lab, EKG, Cardiac Rehabilitation]. I will start in this newly created position in May. I have been an infection control nurse for 1...
  10. Pay grade: experienced nurse vs new grad

    Thanks for sharing this is quite eye-opening!
  11. Certificate Program- worth it?

    Hi there Jaysie1, I am sorry that I could not send a reply before your interview. However, I have a great feeling feeling that it went well. Provide an update on your interview when you have a chance!
  12. Asking for prayers: multiple nursing students died in car accident

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your classmates during this difficult time.
  13. Certificate Program- worth it?

    Jaysie1~ I just wanted to offer you a tiny bit of advice. I am very new to the infection control world, I have only been an IP since January 2015. I have worked as an RN in the case management dept, as well as the ICU. I had no "experience" in inf...
  14. Certificate Program- worth it?

    Hi iprn! You always post such informative information! You passed on excellent advice to the OP. I am a new infection preventionist, working in an acute care medical center and I am always looking for educational opportunities. I plan to attend an ...
  15. Cic

    Hi there IPRN! I was just hopping around on the site and found your reply to my questions. Thanks so much for your insight. I will take all of your suggestions ..... especially the suggestion of learning the basics on the job. Then focus on the ex...