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Stephn28e has 13 years experience.

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  1. Are you attending the Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) convention this Oct 24-25th? Oklahoma Nurses Association There will be many exhibitors and employers looking to hire. There has to be some public health nursing jobs there. Have you been to any of the ONA conventions?
  2. Try posting this in the Oklahoma Nursing forum: Oklahoma Nursing If the above link does not work, click U.S. in the yellow menu above, and a listing of states should appear. Hopefully there is someone in the OK Nursing forum who can point you in the right direction.
  3. Stephn28e

    ONA convention Oct 24-25?

    Is anyone attending the Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) October 24-25? http://www.oknurses.com/ Would be nice to meet up with others at the convention, rather than going solo.
  4. Stephn28e

    MSW and MPH

    Have you considered Direct Entry programs for the MSN? VickyRN wrote an article regarding Direct Entry MSN programs (for students with non-nursing bachelors degrees). Here is the article: https://allnurses.com/nursing-educators-faculty/entry-into-practice-419939.html Another nurse, Elkpark, discusses Direct Entry MSN programs: https://allnurses.com/advanced-practice-nursing/direct-entry-msn-782123.html Try searching for "direct entry" in the allnurses search box. There are many Direct Entry MSN programs in the country (if you are willing to move). Does anyone know if there are any Direct Entry MSN programs in OK?
  5. Stephn28e

    ONP conf Oct 17-19?

    ONP Conference registration ends Saturday, Oct 13, 2012, at 5 pm. Would like to know more about the conference before spending a couple hundred dollars to enter.
  6. Stephn28e

    ONP conf Oct 17-19?

    Anyone attending the Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners (ONP) conference Oct 17-19 at Midwest City? http://www.npofoklahoma.com/activities.html Has anyone attended ONP's past conferences? Was it beneficial? How was it? I would like more info about it prior to spending money for the registration fee. Thanks.
  7. Stephn28e

    OU's NP or Frontier School in Kentucky

    Anyone attending Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners (ONP) conference in Midwest City Oct 17-19, 2012?
  8. Stephn28e

    PNP's in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners (ONP) will be having their conference Oct 17-19. Anyone attending?
  9. Stephn28e

    Difference in Pay; RN vs NP??

    Try the web site: Salary.com
  10. Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners is having their conference Oct 17-19. ONP / Oklahoma Nurse Practitioner Activities Will any of you be attending?

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