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  1. Hello NedRN: I have seen your posts about travel nursing and your experience. Could you give me some feedback?

    I have been a nurse for almost 5 years. My first job was at a med-surg/tele/ortho/burn/trauma/neuro floor, sorry, I know is very long but that is what I used to do there. I have always being excited about travel nursing, and I even took a job 2 years ago but when I went to my director she gave me a really good offer and I decided to stay. After this I have being regretting not taking that assignment. The problem now is that I have a baby, bought a house and transfer to another hospital. I feel stuck even though I just started my MSN but I really have not clue what I want to do once I'm done with my MSN. I have also being thinking about doing ED for a while, I feel bored on the floor and I know it will open my opportunities as a travel nurse. Any advice on what should I do first? Is travel nursing possible with a baby and a husband? Should I just sell my house and start travel nursing?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. NedRN


      Yow, you just joined and this is a new feature for me. No idea of where I am. Doesn't seem to be the public forum, nor is it a private message.

      If this is public, perfect! Others can comment. If it is private, I'd suggest posting your query publicly.

      Frankly, I don't know what to say. Sure, you can travel with your family. Sell your house? I'd not recommend it until you know travel nursing is for you or not. For tax purposes of a traveler, it is far better to have a home. Consider a roommate to defray costs - don't rent the whole thing out. That will preserve your "tax advantage" as a traveler.

    2. isa0789


      Thank you so much for your response. I don't know if is public or not, sorry. I found your responses to others on your profile and since you have the experience I asked. Thank you and have a great day.


    3. rnsss2017


      HelloNedRN. I have read your forums and I have a few questions if you don’t mind. I am wanting to start my own staffing agency but locally. Can I start it and work for my company and then expand and hire new people as I save up enough money to make sure I can pay all the employees?


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