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  1. lawrencenightingale

    getting sick of it.

    I became a nurse because I wanted to help people. Md's direct but nurses help.
  2. lawrencenightingale

    Unusual sleep disorder and need help

    Have you or your doctor considered the use of a CPAP machine? I know of those with sleep apnea or narcolepsy who have benefited from same. I realize your diagnosis is different,but wonder whether it may be responsive to CPAP. My friends with the sleep disorders mentioned above say they have much more energy when using CPAP. Also, insurance payed or nearly payed for same. Best of luck.
  3. lawrencenightingale

    SAD: Just Wondering........

    For the last few years I've been a travel nurse. Noted an elevation in mood when assigned to sunnier regions - in the winter especially. Believe it to be geographically caused. What about experimenting with a traveling assignment down south for the winter? If not, I would definitely look into phototherapy. Much luck.
  4. lawrencenightingale

    People complaining about WAGES!!!!

    Batmik, I empathize with you. I have to observe,however,that living in SF,or anywhere for that matter is a personal choice - it's about lifestyle. If the place you choose to live is outrageously expensive,then of course $34 an hour isn't good - it isn't even enough. Your dollar will go a lot farther elsewhere. A little research on national costs of living will bear that out( Cities Ranked and Rated by Bert Sperling and Peter Sander is somewhere to start) What is the average U.S. wage? I think not as high as $68,000 annually. I think DMR as well as those who have posted here about lifestyle/life choices(# of children,etc.) have a point. Also, everyone has to pay for mortgage/rent,utilities,auto/transportation,food,medical,taxes,etc. Not just nurses. If most people make less than $34/hour,then those who make $34/hour are doing better - some would even say they are doing well. This does not mean we shouldn't be paid more. When we aren't saving lives,we're improving them. I'm all for nurses making more. Can't help but notice,though, that some people manage their money better than others - that,I think, is the bigger problem here.
  5. lawrencenightingale

    Need to Know asap! Which states are "Walk-Through" on your RN license?

    Thanks for the correct info.
  6. lawrencenightingale

    Need to Know asap! Which states are "Walk-Through" on your RN license?

    Hello all, A "walk-through" state is one that allows an RN to appear in person at the respective state's BON to obtain an RN license for that state then & there. It can take hours but you leave with a nursing license - according to those I've spoken with. Sorry,SunStreak, I don't know the answer to your question. Anybody else out there who can help?
  7. lawrencenightingale

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    You sound like a good nurse - one that realizes that asking a patient one, simple question about pain is not a pain assessment.
  8. lawrencenightingale

    What do you guys think of this???

    Moondancer, Curious about the agency and recruiter. Would you mind sharing them? You could save one or more of us from a big problem. Thanks. LN
  9. lawrencenightingale

    Would You Pray if your Patient asked?

    Yes, I would pray and I'm an agnostic.
  10. lawrencenightingale

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    Couldn't agree with you more. Interesting that so many nurses,I'm one of them, feel dutybound and actually honored to persuade their patients to take a pain med because signs(physical criteria) indicate the patient needs a pain med - eventhough the patients repeatedly refuse a pain med. It is the judgement of these nurses that the pain is not being accurately reported(that the patient is wrong). The subjective patient accounts of pain in these cases are overridden by the objective assessment of their nurses. Rah! This is what we're supposed to be doing - in my view - provide objectivity(because we care). It also works the other way,folks. Patients err in reporting pain. Sometimes they exaggerate - just like they sometimes deny or minimize pain. Why is it okay to disagree with our patients when we sense they are denying or minimizing their pain but many of us,if this website is any indication, won't countenance the possibility of our patients exaggerating or inventing their pain? Our clinical skills are good enough for the former but not the latter? Doubt it. Does giving meds turn us on?
  11. lawrencenightingale

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    I'm basing my judgement on my nursing assessment. A nursing assessment is critical thinking which leads to judgement. Perhaps judgement is a value statement in your opinion. Judgement in my opinion is an intellectual process. A process that experts(neurologists,e.g.) agree is among the highest of human abilities. CATscans/MRI's show the seat of judgement to be located in the forebrain. Because of our large forebrains with it's capacity to judge, homo sapiens survived(according to anthropologists,zoologists,et al.,). It wasn't our size,strength,numbers,speed,fangs,claws,flying/swimming/camouflaging/envenoming ability but our capacity for cognition which is responsible for our existence today. Judgement is an attribute of cognition. It's a good thing. Viva la judgement!
  12. lawrencenightingale

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    Angela Mac, I agree. Assessment is basic to nursing. Pain assessment included. Absolutist statements such as," ______ is whatever ______ says it is" seem simplistic,formulaic, and emotional(as opposed to compassionate). Don't they? Formulas are useful tools,but I wouldn't my nurse to rely solely on them. I would want him/her to use his/her judgement.
  13. lawrencenightingale

    Gifts for departing travelers...

    mother/babyRN, How kind you are. I'm a traveler. Don't expect gifts but get them. Bothers me that gift-getting stresses my peers. Feel I should show my appreciation for all those who make my work possible. And do. Food. Yup. Food. Staff just love being treated to breakfast,lunch, dinner,snacks,more snacks. The best gift I receive from y'all is orientation. It takes longer than the 1-2 days we get from the Ed Coordinator. LN
  14. lawrencenightingale

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    I think pain might be whatever the patient says it is. So, it needs to be taken seriously. In psych, I regularly have pt's reporting pain as a "10" whose pain disappears prior to the admin of an analgesic(1-2 minutes in some cases), within 5 minutes of receiving Tylenol, if they receive an unexpected but pleasant surprise, if they get a 1:1 with just about any staffmember, etc. Subjective experience is something to strongly consider but not the only thing,in my opinion. LN
  15. lawrencenightingale

    Private Duty Traveling

    mattsmom81, No, I've never done private duty travel nursing. I agree, it sounds intriguing. It's something I might do after seriously considering my patient's health. As for now I travel nurse. Am interested in breaking into independent contacting. Good luck. LN