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  1. Has anyone completed (or know anything about) the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) Whole Health Educator for Nurses program? If so, have you become a Certified Holistic Nurse? What's the verdict? I'm trying to learn if it would be helpful to...
  2. Not a new grad anymore and still without experience

    Hi Captain. Just want you to know I'm crying for and with you. I'm in your position as well, in Arizona. I got on today to finally break down, cry, scream, beg for someone to give me better advice than "keep applying". Applying to WHAT, exactly? ...
  3. Help with a Slogan for Womens Health Event, Please!

    Hi "GetBehindTheBarn", How's this project going for you? Have you settled on a slogan yet? I'd like to know more about the type of function you are it a public health fair, is it something you're doing as part of your job through your ...
  4. Can CNMs (and other APNs) still work as RNs?

    I'm finishing my ADN this summer, and considering my options for further education. The idea of becoming a CNM is very appealing to me, for so many reasons. I am wondering if CNMs (and other APNs/NPs) can also still take work in hospitals and other s...
  5. Hi All, I will be graduating with my ADN this fall, and plan to get my BSN right away (I have a BS in an unrelated field, so I only need a few credits). So far, I feel very discouraged about the working conditions in the hospitals, and just don't fee...