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  1. I would suggest you ask any local professors. I have a friend that is a professor at a local university, and she would be happy to offer her suggestions. Just find someone that works in the industry.
  2. galan108

    Why Does Everyone Hate Florida So Much??

    I don't think the people living in Florida hate it so much. I know a professor at BCC in south florida, and she loves Florida.
  3. galan108

    South Florida NCLEX-RN Test Takers

    I got some tutoring from a local nursing professor, and she tells me that most of her students really have difficulty with the math...the conversions. Be sure to follow her advice and know the math backwards and forward.
  4. galan108

    What Can you Tell Me About Homestead Florida

    Homestead is defintely outside of Miami and the pay will be a little less. But don't be discouraged by that. My nursing school professor points out that it's a matter of work/life balance. The pay might be a little less, but then so is real-estate expense, traffic congestion, etc. Professor has a got a good point.
  5. galan108

    nursing salaries in florida

    There's always the option of becoming a professor if you have your Nurse Practicioner credentials. I have a professor who is great and she has definitely inspired me to be a great nurse. As for the salaries, they are very competitve in South Florida...especially closer to the Miami area.
  6. galan108

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    Hold in there! My professor tells us that the good thing about the health profession is that there will always be sick people. Professor is right! Your time will come.
  7. galan108

    where to get cna training in south florida

    I would defintely look into CEU (continuing education credits). In fact, even my professor has to take these every now and then.
  8. I'm not sure if this is going to help, but the first thing my friend told me is that you should ask someone from a local university. She is a nursing professor and she would recommend you go to a career counselor. They would know best.
  9. galan108

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    I think going to school in Puerto Rico is fine, but my friend would definitely recommend that you do what you can to do to school in the US. She is a professor at a local university, so she would know.