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  1. MarciCRN

    Recommended Reading for Hospice Nurses

    Reg Read, What term do you suggest?
  2. MarciCRN

    pt. load for case managers

    Thanks tewdles, my sentiments exactly. I wish they would see the light.
  3. MarciCRN

    Hospice Salary Requirement?

    I took a $5 /hr pay cut to go from hospital to Home care. NYS. I have 30+ yrs exp and 12 yrs of it Hospice. Not as much pay but a whole lot less physical stress, no nights and only a minimum w/e commitment. You being a new grad RN, I think your rate is fair.
  4. MarciCRN

    mileage reimbursement question

    Yes all the above DITTO :-):)
  5. MarciCRN

    Hospice RNs- How would you interpret this?

    In my experience, people in their last day/hours can say things and mean another. Maybe she had strong feelings about pregnancy either pos or neg...and in her delerium she said pregnant and meant something else. Just a thought.
  6. MarciCRN

    pt. load for case managers

    I do not case manage, I am an Evaluator and admissions ns. But the gals I work with are carrying a load of 23 more or less and they are all crying! 23 is too many, and have to travel the county to see them all. Its very difficult and they are stressed. We have had an active turnover of nurses in the last year, and I believe that is why. I think 12-14 is national average, and should be instituted. The agency I am at now is not huge on the numbers, as in you "have " to see 30 a week. But one I was working at in another state, was big on 30 a week or you do extra. be it on call or w/e. You girls work hard and should be compensated well.
  7. MarciCRN

    Hospice Criteria

    In addition, Medicare has strict guidelines for who they will pay for Hospice care, medicare has been denying payment in the agencies in my area because they (medicare) didn't feel the pt's met requirements. We of course appealed as we know the pt's are appropriate. We have had to beef up documentation as we wern't reflecting a true pt picture. If you want to know eligibility, it is online ..http://www.ucop.edu/agrp/docs/la_hospice.pdf... is a good reference.
  8. MarciCRN

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    I'm not sure what your objection is. She is telling it the way it is.
  9. It's a good start. I had a 20's yo kid go off on my in the hospital a couple of years back...he was in for SSC and had a BIG attitude. he had been kicked off 2 different floors for this behavior during the same admission! Needless to say he was kicked off our floor too. The thing that bothered me most is he tried to get my sup to MAKE ME apologize for upsetting him! He went off because I didn't get a new urinal every time he used one. He cited he had insurance and I owed him. Guess what.....I didn't apologize other to say I'm sorry he felt as he did. I was afraid he'd come back for revenge, my manager kept me on the day shift because of his history. So Thanks NY for starting the protection process.
  10. MarciCRN

    LPN entrance exam in New York

    My daughter just took it and was very nervous. She did very well. It wasn't bad. She too had a review book for the test, which I picked up at Barnes and Nobel for about $15. There is plenty of Math and little Bio. Study your math. Good Luck !!:):nurse:
  11. I work in hospice, if a patch isn't holding for the 72 hrs then we assess that the pt needs a higher dose or something for break-thru if the patch is already a high dose. Over 200 mcg/hr we D/C the patch and we do a SQ dilaudid or MS PCA, but as I said that is Hospice.
  12. Yes we piggyback, Mag first then K, K is painful , so we run it on separate pump, along with at least 50ml/hr of NS.