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  1. MissyF_RN

    Code Blue Teams for Medical Office

    Yes you would call 911, but you still need to do something. You don't need all those people in the room. 5-6 people max, really.
  2. MissyF_RN

    Where oh where have the good PCTs gone?

    I like people who do things on time but I also need to know that they are done right. I can't trust any of the vitals she gives me. I need to know they are right so I can make critical assessments on my patients. What if it was a ped that she said had a temp of 97.5 but was actually 104. That's a major difference.
  3. MissyF_RN

    Where oh where have the good PCTs gone?

    We were told that the night unit coordinator was working with her and she would be watched more closely. I still do not trust her. This is not an isolated incident. Other nurses have had the same problem with her on different occasions.
  4. So this is a vent. A few nights ago we had a newish PCT work with our night rotation. She normally works with our other night rotation. She's still in her probationary period. I had one patient who was s/p CVA who was a turn q2, aphasic, contracted, the works. Blood pressures never dipped below 180. The doctor was aware and was not treating it. Anyway my 2000 vitals on him were 199/75. pretty normal for him. I wasn't concerned. The family members in the room actually told me before I saw the sheet from the PCT. At 2200 I noticed he was not turned so I turned him. No problem he was an easy turn. For 0000 vitals I had noticed the PCT was making her rounds and was passed his room while I had did my q2 rounding. When I went into his room he was again not turned and I had asked the family member, who by the way was sitting by his bed holing his had, if his blood pressure had went down. She had told me that they had not come to check his vitals since 1930. I thought to myself maybe she was saving him for last so she could check him to make sure he was not dirty. I turn him before I leave. One of my other patients had just gotten out of the bathroom when I made rounds on him and had asked for the PCT to go in his room to take his vitals because he was in the bathroom when she went to his room. I called her on her phone and she said ok. I went back to the desk. She gave me my vitals about 20 minutes later. She had not gone back into my patients room who was up in the bathroom, I know this because he was across from the nurses station and I could see his room, but of course I had vitals on him. At this point I'm mad. I ask her to re-do his vitals, which she did. I then noticed that my CVA patient had a blood pressure of 131/50. I go into his room and ask the family member if his blood pressure was taken, and she tells me "no". I take his blood pressure myself and its 180/50. Now I'm fuming. I confront the PCT who tells me "I took them". I roll my eyes at her and then let the charge nurse know about it. For 0200 rounds I follow her a few rooms apart. Pt. not turned. I turn him. Still mad. At night it is at the nurses discretion whether or not 0400 vitals should be taken. I request for my CVA patient's vitals to be taken. The PCTs normally start vitals at 0430 so they can collect I&Os and do vitals at the same time. When I get my I&O's and vitals my CVA patient, who was pretty much comatose, had an intake of 270 and a blood pressure of 130/50. I take a deep breath before I blow up. I go into the patients room take his vitals and I get 195/50. I can also feel heat radiating off his body. His temp was 101.2 axillary, the PCT had 97.5 written down. I ask the family member who about the vitals and she tells me all the PCT did was empty his foley bag and leave. When I look at my other I&O sheet all of my patients have intakes of 270. and most of them were wrong after I go and ask the patients myself. I don't even talk to the PCT again. I tell the charge nurse again and she makes copies of all the sheets. When my nurse manager arrives in the morning I show her all the sheets and tell her what had happened during the night. She takes my papers and pulls the PCT in the office. Of course the PCT does not get fired. The NM tells me they are working with her because she is a "good" PCT who shows up and picks up shifts when we need her to. OMG is she serious. They are keeping someone because she shows up. What she did was falsify medical records which was ground for termination. I can not trust her with any of my patients. Especially when she says she took the patients blood pressure when the family member said she didn't.
  5. MissyF_RN

    DNR does not mean do not treat, people!

    I had a fairly healthy 60 something year old who was a DNR. Her request. She wasn't going anytime soon. The day shift nurse tells me she doesn't know why she's a DNR she's fine. I bite my tounge not to say anything. People have no clue!
  6. MissyF_RN


    i work at a fairly busy med-surg unit at a rural hospital. last night i received a change of shift admit. he was a middle aged man who is severely mentally handicapped. he came in with a fever of unknown origin. he comes from the local "state school" for the mentally handicapped. i received report from the outgoing nurse who mentioned that he had broken his right leg about a week ago and it was in a cast. how he broke his leg, "no one knows". shocking considering he's bed bound. anyway, i always talk to my patients as though they would be able to answer me even though they obviously can not. i asked him how he was doing and he smiled at me like he understood me. i then asked him how he broke his leg, and his mother broke in and exclaimed "he can't answer you". i'm thinking to myself "really? i did not notice." it took all i had not to tell the woman something, but all i said was i always talk every patient like that. then she said "he only answers to yes and no questions" i mentally roll my eyes at her and continue to talk to him as though he could answer me. the aid i had helping me told me after my face was priceless when she said the first thing. i stayed a few minutes in the room to do my assessment and the mother barely even said a word to the patient. i love working with my patients, but not always the families. anyway that's my rant for the day.
  7. MissyF_RN

    Have you ever seen a seizure for hypoglycemia?

    i've seen it once. the patient was unable to tell us how he was feeling. no history of seizures so when it started we got an accu check which came out to 14 !!!! once the d50w went in he came around. thank god he was ok!
  8. MissyF_RN

    Charting question

    i work on a busy mud surg floor. a few weeks ago i had a patient ask for pain medication during my assessment. she had no prn pain med ordered (new admit from 1500). in my 1930 pain assessment (in our hospital we use the meditec system) i charted her pain and under comments wrote "no medication ordered. will notify md". i called the doctor and received an order for toradol at 1940. pharmacy did not send me the medication until 2050. i gave the patient the medication at that time and did chart another pain assessment and commented that i gave the medication and to see the mar. at 2130 i made another pain assessment that the medication helped and the patient was resting quietly with no signs of pain noted. she happened to be sleeping. here's my question. her chart was audited and my supervisor said i should have made an actual nurses note that i had called the doctor about the pain medication. i did tell her that i did chart the pain and that i had notified the doctor in the pain assessment. my charge nurse said how i charted was fine. i don't see any problems with the way i charted it. any opinions?
  9. MissyF_RN

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    Had a patient buzz for a tweezer (to pluck her chin hairs), a toe nail clipper, hot chocolate and face wash. She really did think she was at a spa!
  10. MissyF_RN

    What the Heck to You Do on Night Shifts?

    Really 1 and 1/2 hour break! I wish. Last night it was eat and run for us. 15 minutes tops!
  11. MissyF_RN


    this may be long but i just need to vent. i had this one patient a couple of nights ago that i just knew the family would give me the run around all night. he was a stage four lung cancer patient that the family was in denial about and refusing hospice when the doctor had consulted them. when i walked in at 1930 to do my assessment on him before i even laid my stethoscope on him they were asking me a ton of questions, "when's his next breathing treatment" "when is is next pain pill" "what's his oxygen" you get the picture. when told that the treatment was scheduled for 1900 they proceeded to tell me it was 1935 and where was respiratory and he needs his treatments on time. i reassured them that he was going to receive his treatment and that the therapist should be on their way. after i completed my assessment and answered all their questions the patient wanted to be put on a mask because he said he was not getting any oxygen through his nasal cannula. of course he was breathing through his mouth, so i instructed him to breath through his nose and his oxygen was on. they still insisted i put him on a mask. so after i put him on a 24% venti mask he said it was not enough so i put him on 30% then that was too much that the air was blowing in his face so i put him back down. of course he wanted it up more. i politely explained it was either one or the other. once he was satisfied with his oxygen i left out the room to assess my other patients. at 2040 they came to the desk to ask for his pain medication. i was talking to the doctors at this moment and i would be there as soon as i could. i go in the room 10 minutes later and gave him all his regular night time meds along with the pain meds. ok they are fine. i walk back into the med room where i proceed to dispense narcotics for one of my other patients and the family member comes to the desk to ask for him to be put back on his nasal cannula. i told him i would be in as soon as i could. i was going to bring my other paitient her pain meds and i was going to go straight into his room to change him out. i was out in the hall gearing up to go into my other patients room, that patient was in isolation for positive mrsa cultures. now i'm in the hall in the yellow gown gloves on and another family member walks out of the hall and demands to know when i was going to shange his oxygen. i had to explain again that i was going to go change him out as soon as i was done with that other patient. of course she left in a huff, i wasn't particularly worried because his oxygen sat was fine and he was on o2. as soon as i left out of my other patients room i went and change his oxygen back. of course i got the 3rd degree when i went in there. they were asking me why i didn't go in there when they came get me to change his oxygen. i had to explain to them i went as soon as i was done with my other patient. they seemed ok with my explanation. later that night one of my other patients was practically drowning in is own secretions he could not cough up on his own. i was going to our clean supply room to get a suction cath for him when the family member came and asked me to tape down his foley cath. i asked one of the other nurses to help me out by taping his cath to him. i don't think they liked that either but i had a more critical patient at the time and could not go in myself. the rest of the night passed with no other incidents. in the morning, one of the other family members, who was not there the whole night, and did not see his oxygen episodes, asked me why his o2 was on 4 instead of the 3 1/2 l he was on the day before. i explained to her that he was going to be fine and the o2 was increased because he could not feel it (i mean 1/2 l come on now really!). i left with no other questions from them. the next night i was brought into the charge nurses office because they said i was rude and they did not want me as the nurse again. of course i was left wondering what i did to offend them. the day nurse told me the family was following them like puppies telling her i did not go into the room until 0300 (complete lie) and i did not address his oxygen when they asked (another lie), and i turned up his oxygen to 4 l when he was only supposed to be on 3 1/2 l (really 1/2 l more). the patient was absolutely fine with me it was the family that was angry. anyway i was not his nurse that night which really didn't bother me any. that just meant that i didn't have to put up with the family again. that night every time i passed next a family member they just stared at me with the meanest look. sorry this was so long i just needed to vent!
  12. MissyF_RN

    Mandated scrub colors

    the nurses where i work either wear all white or white top and navy pants. pcts wear maroon and grey. lab wears black. and respritory wears brown. personally i like the color coated scubs, lets me know if that person needs to be in the patients room. i also agree that it is mainly for the hospital staff to know whos who because "everyones a nurse".