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  1. hello! i'm somewhat new here.. i've decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, and i'm very excited, and yet nervous. after alot of research about the differences between lpn's & rn's, with regard to education, responsibilities, utilization, need, etc., i decided to just go for it and get my assoc degree at a cc in nursing (rn). i'll start out as a cna, as it's a requirement of the cc program, and this way i can start gaining experience. all this excitment however, i'm hearing stories of it taking a long time for people to get in to the cc rn programs? especially at wake tech or durham tech. is this really true? are there really, really long waiting lists? i wonder if it's even possible to start my classes this fall? (i'll be done with my cna by may) the other thing on my mind is, after receiving my cna and wanting to put it to work asap, i'm hoping i can find a decent job and quit my current job alltogether. i realize cna's don't make that much $$, but i'm hoping for the overtime pay, which i've seen is readily avalable in my area. after working as a cna at hopefully a hospital/ltc facility, etc., i'd like to start my rn classes knowing that (crosses fingers) i'd have a flexible schedule to help make this possible. i'd like to think that a healthcare employer would apprecaite my desire to further my education, right? i've also found out that the rn program has quite a few of its classes available online, so maybe there's even more flexibility? i have no kids, yet. and, my hubby will be a new emt by the time all this starts, so we'll both be in the medical profression working crazy hours. so my focus wouldn't be that interuppted. so, my question (finally) is... does this sound like an ok plan? is it reasonable to think i can become an rn in two years while continuing to work as a f/t cna (2nd shift prob)? is it really hard to get into nursing school? are there ridicuously long waiting lists for the cc's in raleigh? any help and advice is thoroughly appreciated! ~ april
  2. imaprile

    Which direction? LPN or RN? HELP!

    @df77, Yes, I have checked the cc schools and the only one that does offer the LPN class isn't very convenient to my home and is the same price as the Associate Degree/RN. I realize I'll be in school longer, but may as well get the RN, right? I'm hoping I can pay off some debt/expenses enough where I can still support our way of life on CNA pay while hopefully being in RN school. Does this sound doable? I have to assume that I'd have flexible hours working as a CNA possibly in a hospital? I found that 70% of the RN classes are available online as well. I'm pretty excited about this! I attend an orientation class at the cc next Tues!!
  3. imaprile

    Which direction? LPN or RN? HELP!

    Hello! First post... go easy on me. I've decided to pursue a dream of mine to become a Nurse. I didn't know too much about the required education and variety of programs available until a couple of days ago. I'm interested in at the very least becoming a LPN. However, I have realized that there aren't ANY night/weekend LPN programs in the Raleigh area, besides ECPI. (which I've been told to steer clear of due to a variety of reasons - my biggest reason being that it's over 25K!) So here lies my problem... I can't afford to quit my current (non-nursing) day job of 40K+ to pursue the 2 year AAS/RN route at my local tech school as it's a daytime program. And, I'm not happy about paying over 25K for a 14mo. LPN program simply so I can go nights/weekends (for decreased education, i.e: RN vs. LPN). Should I take the 4mo. CNA course through the tech school (which I hear is required for the RN program anyway?) and then HOPE that I can find a CNA job that pays somewhat decent enough to live on (and hopefully has flexible hours) and THEN go for the RN? Are there any other methods I'm not seeing? Is there another way of becoming a LPN? No matter how I start, I'd like to eventually bridge over to being an RN - I'd just like to know the best steps to get there. The tech school here is very sought after and highly competitive, so the earlier I apply the better. If anyone has ANY advice whatsoever, I'd really appreciate it. Did my question(s) make any sense? Thanks in advance for your help! April