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  1. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    What would you have done?

    Are you serious??
  2. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Would you marry a Doctor?

    If we loved each other and he asked me to marry him.
  3. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Is this a productive management style?

    If I worked there, I would be sorely tempted.....not saying I would actually go thru with it, but that person would sure be making me think about it..... to just come in when I was very sick just like she/he wants....and make sure I do some heavy coughing and sneezing all over their office and desk. I'd make sure she/he knew I was sick. It wouldn't take but one time for me to convince that this idea maybe not such a good one. Yep...if that's what she/he wants......I might just be tempted to give it to them.
  4. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Outraged by no more privacy

    I received my first LPN license from California in '75 and had to be fingerprinted then.....so this is not new. Maybe new for some states, but it has been around for awhile. And if they have your social security # they already know practically everything about you. It's a shame.....Big Brother is surely watching us closely.
  5. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    not what I bargained for

    My graduating year was '75 and I still remember how we were lied to. 5 patients at the most. Yeah....right! All I can say is I hope you have some good comfortable shoes. I'm retired now.....I'm not not sure if I will ever go back to work or not. All you young nurses sure have my sympathies.
  6. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Privacy rules don't save patients from exposure

    thanks for your reply, but i never said i wanted to make her lose her job. i was just trying to figure out if it was really something that might need be brought to the hospital administrations attention of a possible privacy breech. my only thoughts were towards the importance of the patient's privacy. with all the new rules about hipaa it's just something that everyone has to really think about what they're doing and where and when. that's all. your insinuation that i would want to make the girl lose her job is one main reason i seldom post on this board. and i don't understand from where in my original post how you came up with that assumption. anyway, thanks for your input.
  7. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Privacy rules don't save patients from exposure

    Here is an incident I observed just very recently, last week in fact. I had to take my mother to a hospital in the capital city of my state, for a CT scan. While I was waiting in the x-ray waiting area for her, a worker....I assumed it was an x-ray tech, came out to talk to a man in the same waiting area. She called out his name, so I knew who he was, she checked his name band, and the man and the person with him had some questions, so she went back to get the answer from someone else and came back. I overheard that the man was having a BE. So right there in that waiting area I overheard quite a bit of confidential information that I should NOT have heard. I didn't hear it intentionally......but I was sitting right there....I couldn't help but over hear it. I didn't do anything about it......I have already forgotten what the man's name was by now, so I wouldn't be able to provide enough information now for them to figure out who the patient was and who the tech was....I guess I should have done something then, it's too late now, but I was there for my mother and was thinking about her situation and not someone else's. Anyway, my point is, you never know where or when your privacy is going to be violated. That worker COULD have been in serious trouble if I had done what I should have done that day. I know the day and the time frame, but I don't know if that would be enough. If some of you more experienced on here, think it might be enough I could write a letter to that hospital and tell them what I overheard. Or does the complaint have to come from the patient? Or just leave it alond? The girl could lose her job.
  8. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Is my supervisor trying to get me to quit?

    I'm only an LPN, not an RN with the supervisory experience most of you have..... but I worked under a supervisor from whom I received some of the same treatment that OP received when she tried to talk to her about her problem. And my opinion is that she's receiving this treatment because the supervisor doesn't want to deal with AN's behaviour. The supervisor could feel that the OP will accept the wierd schedule and whatever else she deals out to her better than AN would receive discipline for her bullying behaviour. I know that's what happened in my situation. I was blindsided with accusations of which none were true....but because of particular characteristics that I won't get into here....my supervisor put the blame on me.....and to quote someone here....her statement to me was ..."It's not their problem. It's YOUR problem." And I was not even given an opportunity to defend myself or ask what evidence they had, witnesses, or whatever to justify the complaints. If I had it to do over you bet your bottom dollar a grievance would have been filed and it would have turned out differently. To OP.....stand up for yourself and don't transfer out of a job you love. Document, make a list of witnesses, if possible have any interaction with AN in front of a 3rd person. Otherwise I would keep my mouth shut around her unless it was something concerning patient care. If it were me, I would even work with AN....I wouldn't request special scheduling. Do your job, be professional, and I guarantee you that AN will eventually cut her own throat with her behaviour. That's exactly what happened in my situation. The other person eventually got fired for their bullying behaviour. And even tho the other nurses like her.....she would do the same thing to them if they got assignements that she wanted. And remember this....What goes around comes around. To people like AN, too.
  9. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Staff nurses and their bad attitudes

    Oh, ok, sorry for the misspelling. But you get my point! It was very funny. All that eye rolling.....I really hate it when I see people do that eye rolling thing. Such a put down, but it really does reflect upon the one DOING it more than the intended target.
  10. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    Staff nurses and their bad attitudes

    That eye rolling thing gets me, too. I had a nurse manager who did that. She would do it in front of people, behind people's backs, in meetings, etc. Once, a co-worker copied a picture of a guy out of a medical dictionary.....the diagnosis of his problem was "oculogenic crisis". She posted it on the bulletin board....but the picture didn't stay there long. We knew who jerked it down. It was so funny. Anyway....tell them they might need to see a physician for those oculogenic crises they're having....their eyeballs might become fixed and they could end up looking like that forever. lol...j/k
  11. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    is this considered a drug diversion?

    I'm thinking it is obvious then, that the narcotic is still full...obvious that none has been removed? Otherwise how would you know it is still full if the sheet is missing? {Maybe the label had the count on it, also, so it could be counted from there.} Who in their right mind would remove a narcotic sheet from the book? Never ceases to amaze me the things that can happen. It doesn't seem like drug diversion to me if it's obvious that the narcotic is still full and I would feel for the person who would try to accuse me of that.
  12. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    I prefer working with new grads,or non-hospital nurses

    That's a good possibility. It is one thing that can bring down the moral of the unit very quickly. I worked under one and it was horrible.
  13. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    CE credits online......

    I use this one. I sign up for the year preceding my license renewal and work on it that year. If I time it just right, part of my subscription year goes over on the next calendar year and I could get the CEU's for the next renewal and have it in the correct time frame. I thought of that but I haven't actually done it. http://www.myfreece.com/P.aspx?name=home&Redirect=1&AANAME=Home Their title is misleading tho....the CEUs are NOT free. You pay 29.00 per yearly subscription for access to their courses. I used to comb the internet for free CEUs but got tired of that so I just found a site, pay for it, do them and be done with it.
  14. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    so I blush really bad...

    Tell em you're going thru the" change". (I am going thru the change and I get flushed quite often). For a female it sounds like a plausible enough reason. Just laugh it off and say, "Oh another one of those hot flashes! Gee, it's hot as blazes in here!" And I think if you could learn to relax it might eventually get better. Another thing to think about is that whomever you're talking to....that you might get easily embarrassed in front of.....remember that they pull their pants on every morning just like you do.
  15. 1dyclsr2rtrmnt

    A legality question about pay

    Several people have given different scenarios of what might be happening with your mother's time and pay of which any one of them could be true. But I have one suggestion.....if I'm reading your original post right...... if your mom is actually working off the clock...counting meds before she is clocked in......make sure your mom is documenting the exact time down to the minute that she is doing the count. Then if she goes to clock in that will give some documentation that she is being forced to work off the clock. HOWever....with that being said also make sure she is actually working off the clock. It may be that she's getting a 30 minute lunch beak and if she is then the 15 minutes before and after is to make up for the 30 minute lunch break...if your mom wants a full shift's pay she has to make up that 30 minutes. I always wanted my full 8 hours of pay so I didn't mind working the extra 30 minutes for the lunch break. But if I had to work during my lunch break I made sure I filled out my time adjustment so I got paid for no lunch break.