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  1. Can you "look good" as a nurse?

    Is it possible to be a fit nurse (doing 12 hour shifts)? How do you combat that? Can you be physically healthy and mentally happy? In general, of course you will have the bad days. And can you age well as a nurse, even with all the stress, with ...
  2. What are the chances of being fired as a nurse?

    Here in Canada, nurses do have unions.
  3. I am just curious, what are the chances of being fired as a nurse...and what would be the main reasons in the nursing field? And how can I prevent such an occurence? I've been fired working at a retail store and it pretty much scarred me for life....
  4. Top 15 Reasons to go into Nursing

    So, what would be good reasons to go into nursing? I heard one is if you like to deal with people at their worse. Edited: At their most vulnerable*
  5. Top 15 Reasons NOT to go into Nursing

    I think that's a good idea, bds.
  6. Top 15 Reasons NOT to go into Nursing

    It beats a student who blindly goes into it thinking (s)he will be into a career of appreciation and fluffing pillows. >.> It's a life-changing decision. To be even honest...Questioning it is a GOOD thing. It gives a sense of what to expec...
  7. Help? Broken hearted & sad...

    I think after my psych released information about me... he may have changed his mind... Not quite sure... but he seemed slightly less vocal about it when he learned I had issues with confidence, etc.
  8. If you were to make reasons to not go into nursing, what would they be? When I interviewed a nurse, his number one reason was MONEY. 1. Money What are some additional reasons?
  9. Is it possible to be a fit nurse?

    With all the stresses a nurse generally deals with plus the shift work times (crazy twelve hour shifts from seven in the morning and seven at night), is it possible for nurses to stay fit throughout their lives and not just when they are young? I am...
  10. Do nurses age more quickly than average?

    I suppose feeling old can increase looking old, vice versa too.
  11. I Want To Quit

    Oh, OP, I feel your pain. I have been in a similar situation where I felt like quitting and I did quit... It took me a while to realise that the topic / subject wasn't the problem, but I was the problem. The bad grades were due to MY studying habi...
  12. Do nurses age more quickly than average?

    I am a student contemplating nursing... thanks for your reply! I've heard that people can psychologically age which causes physical aging...Hmm...
  13. Due to the stress and the physical toll it has on the body. Do nurses generally look older than they actually are? I am actually scared about's on a top list of fears. 1. Aging quicker than average due to the stress? 2. affects your pers...
  14. got yelled at today- for volunteering

    It sounds like a case of bad timing and untactfulness...other than that...the OP didn't actually do anything wrong or immoral. I do think you got yelled at because the VC felt being used and not for volunteering. With that being said, I wouldn't b...
  15. Was told this career isn't right for me....

    Actually, when I contemplated nursing, I volunteered at the hospital in the pediatric ward. It was great! In the longest time, I generally felt like I did something worthy and I just wasn't a waste of human space...I didn't sit on my butt and decid...