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thewandereRN has 5 years experience and specializes in ICU, Tele, OR.

Currently an ICU RN at a small Rural hospital, looking to travel in the near future.

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  1. ICU to Tele

    I'm on my first assignment,as an ICU traveler. I went from a small community hospital ICU 170 bed facility), to and 800+ bed facility in a big city. It was a rough transition at first, due to acuity. HOWEVER, I recommend branching out and learning. ...
  2. seattle/bellingham hospitals

    American Mobile and Cross Country both had assignments all through Washington. I am also headed that way in May or June, but haven't committed to anything yet. I'll be headed to ICU as well. :)
  3. If you could only have licenses in 5 states...

    I have experience doing both (not traveling, but as staff), and am planning to travel ICU, but have considered OR. I went to the OR directly out of nursing school, then to tele, then to ICU... which is ass backwards, and rare. I miss the OR, but I p...
  4. Hematoma after heart cath

    I can completely relate. Our jobs can be terrifying at times when we are unsure of what the right answer is. Trust your gut, and learn from your and others mistakes.... Thoses are two major things I've learned in my critical care experience.
  5. Hematoma after heart cath

    In my experience, the actual sheath insertion is usually at an angle, so you'd want to hold pressure two fingers about the puncture site (where you would be checking pulses normally)so that you are able to completely compress that artery so the bleed...
  6. Changing Recruiters

    Thanks for the input Ned. You are such a great resource. I also considered that option. I have just had heard many good things about this agency, have a friend working with them, and find it unfortunate to have to miss out on a good agency due to a ...
  7. Changing Recruiters

    Hey all, Have been trying to get all of my ducks in a row to travel in a couple months. I've been doing research on some travel companies, and the benefits offered, and narrowed it down to a couple I'd like to try and have been talking to some recru...
  8. Agency jobs in Pittsburgh area?

    Congrats on your position! I'll likely be ICU agency at Forbes through maxim or msn, and have been trying to find out what it's like there.
  9. New Traveler

    I have no plans of hardball negotiations, I'm just trying to figure out the terminology actually. I thought maybe there was a nice resource to break it down that I was missing. Thanks for the tips.
  10. New Traveler

    Thanks for the advice Rod. As I'm gathering info, the process seems so daunting sometimes. Any places you recommend to understand how pay, perdiem, stipends, housing all work into pays? I'm a bit confused on what I should be looking for in numbers ...
  11. Agency jobs in Pittsburgh area?

    Did you end up trying Forbes? I'm curious, as I am also trying to do some per diem before I travel.
  12. New Traveler

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the traveling world, (natural born gypsy lifestyler prior to nursing).. Currently, I'm an ICU nurse in a rural hospital with roughly 200 beds, with almost 2 yrs of ICU experience, (5 total, Tele and OR at a LEvel 1 prior ...
  13. ICU Acuity - Advise?

    I am in the same boat as you. Thanks for posting!