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  1. Aleonard13

    vivitrol injection

    hello I'm new to giving vivitrol injection. I follow the directions, but when I inject the syringe, the medication gets clogged. I take out the needle/syringe, change needles and try a second time and it usually works. has anyone had this problem? I really don't know what i'm doing wrong. my supervisor is not a nurse, so I have no one to problem solve with. thank you :)
  2. Aleonard13

    Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    hi I worked in a detox facility for a little over a year. I felt EXACTLY the same! it sucked the life out of me. now I'm working in community mental health and I really enjoy it. :)
  3. Aleonard13

    IM Injections

    im a new psych nurse, giving frequent IM injections primarily to the deltoid muscles. this is in a community health setting. one of my patients now has a knot from my last injection. no signs of infection, but i'm still monitoring it. He has been used to the previous nurses giving him deltoid injections, but I would like to switch to gluteal injection for a while. any tips on how to have this conversation? my supervisor is not a nurse, so I feel like I have no one to consult. thank you :) ANY tips for IM injections are most welcome!!!!
  4. Aleonard13

    Virgin Islands!

    there are 3 hospitals in the VI, one for each island. they all take travelers.
  5. Aleonard13

    ST. Thomas USVI Travel????

    i worked in st. thomas for 1.5 years on the surgical unit, sometimes floated to medical. it was my first nurse job, i was trained there, and was permanent staff not a traveler. the hospital has tons of travelers so you will not be alone, and permanent staff are very use to working with you. all of the stories are true. there is good and bad, but you have to be flexible enough to roll with the punches. you can't change island life or the hospital, you have to adapt. one of the other posts said it best: be courteous, professional and you shouldn't have a problem. unfortunately i have worked with a couple of travel nurses that did a half-assed job, and gave off the vibe of only being there to party, etc. but only a few. having said all that, i do recommend working at STT. you will never get an experience like it anywhere else!!
  6. Aleonard13

    Nursing in USVI

    I highly recommend working in the virgin islands (St. Thomas, St. Croix, or St. John) you don't need a passport to get there, obtaining a license is fairly quick and easy. you do need a personality that can slow down and adjust to 'island life' :)
  7. Aleonard13

    Nurse Licensure Compact

    i just have to complain really quick about the RN endorsement process for LA. way over the top
  8. Aleonard13

    Licensure by endorsement processing time?

    mine took about 3 weeks, and lots of money
  9. Aleonard13

    night shift question

    sounds like hypoglycemia.. i'm not diabetic, but that's how i feel when i haven't eaten in a while and i also work nights. you said you dont want to eat at night, but what about snacks? it's good that you don't drink coffee cause that drops blood sugar also.
  10. Aleonard13

    No more smoking at work

    that's micro-managing, and harassment. what's next? your breath can't smell like coffee?
  11. Aleonard13

    Patients' "home remedies"? What have you seen

    one of my nursing instructors told our class she had a patient who use to make "lizard soup" for HTN
  12. Aleonard13

    Any phobias you overcame to become a nurse?

    yes. i use to hate feet! i had to get over my repulsion quick working on a med-surg unit checking pedal pulses, etc. :)
  13. Aleonard13

    Wealthy heiress dies and leaves 38mil to Nurse

    of course she should accept the money!!! after 20 years it crossed the line of nurse/patient and went over to friendship
  14. Aleonard13

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    when i was still in school doing a rotation in the ICU- a nurse came to the nursing station and said she needed help with something. apparently she tried to give a whole pill through an NG tube and it got stuck! AND she stated that another nurse told her that it was an ok thing to do....
  15. Aleonard13

    New Grad Programs?

    if your willing to relocate come to st. thomas us virgin islands. we need permanent nurses here, plus the hospital has a preceptor program!!