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  1. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    I'm sorry to hear that, nursing school is just so competitive, especially fall admittantce. I've heard that the GPA cutoff for spring and summer semesters are a bit lower. Don't give up hope, someone may give up their seat. And if not, you have an excellent gpa, you should reapply next spring if that's an option.
  2. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    Congratulations CNA Sam!! and kynchanted, you really should call the school to see whats going on, because a 3.7 really should have been accepted into the upper division. Good luck and let us know what you find out. :hug:
  3. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    I just checked mine and it says that my status has been changed to "accepted". I hope that means what I think it means. I wonder what pending means, maybe you should email or call the college?
  4. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    I havn't seen anything on OASIS. I've been checking SOAR and the last message I've recieved was the message saying that I am now an eligible applicant, and that was on 5/24. I don't think we'll hear anything until around July 16, and that is so far away, the wait is kind of killing me! lol
  5. afrancis

    Patho, Summer 2010

    I am currently taking patho over the summer at university of S FL, but I will find out if I was accepted in the program in a few weeks. On the third class day, we had our first exam on chapters 1-8. The patho over summer moves very fast since you have to cover so much in a short amount of time. Good luck to all!
  6. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    Ive heard that the GPA cuttoff for fall classes are usually the highest, since thats when most apply. But I didnt know that they had a waitlist, so this is a very good thing. Good luck to you!
  7. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    I am very nervous as well, I saw in the SOAR discussion tab that we'll be notified 2-3 weeks after deadline via e-mail. In the meantime I'm taking pathophysiology at USF, so far its going good, but this class really gives me an idea of how hard I'll have to work in the program.
  8. afrancis

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2010

    I am also in the Dale Mabry day program, but I've actually applied to USF's program also and wont hear back until mid-july. I'm crossing my fingers to get accepted there, and then hopefully it wont be too late for an alternate to take my place.
  9. afrancis

    Anyone applying to USF for fall 2010?

    I know the application deadline for USF is June 15, and the first day for class is Aug 23, so sometime between there we'll know. I wish I knew exactly when.
  10. afrancis

    Accepted to NS? What was your GPA?

    I had an overall 3.8, starting in the fall. :)
  11. afrancis

    Cheap textbook sites?

    I always check out half.com for my textbooks. Just make sure to check the sellers rating before you purchase anything.
  12. afrancis

    University of South Fl/ HCC/MDC ????

    I have been accepted to HCC, and next week I'll be finishing my prereqs to apply for USF for the Fall upper division. I'm already getting nervous because USF is very hard to get into. So congrats on your acceptance!!
  13. afrancis

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2010

    Hello everyone, I have also been accepted for this fall, congrats to all!! And yes, I believe everyone's orientation is June 15 and 16. =)
  14. afrancis

    question about pathophys

    I'm also going to be starting a bsn program in the fall and i'll be taking pathophys over the summer. I bought a book called "Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy" So far its been very helpful at getting me acquanted with the material so that when I'm in class I wont be hearing things for the first time.
  15. afrancis

    For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    I certainly have a list, lol. 1 move out of mom's house! 2 laser eye surgery 3 buy a car 4 get braces 5 go on a cruise 6 travel around the world 7 buy a dog it can go one...lol