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  1. TheLabeledBones

    What TO DO?

    Don't have any answers ehlay...sorry. Just wanted to extend you my sympathies and support. I'm in a very similar boat to yours...I just graduated w/ my ADN in Dec 09, took the NCLEX and now am ready to work, but for me it's my 5 yr gap in employment b/f nursing school and lack of CNA experience during nursing school that's holding me back. Sorry I don't have any answers. Just try to stay positive and keep applying and applying and applying. Trite as that advice sounds, that's what I'm doing. Take care. :hug:
  2. TheLabeledBones

    groupone sucks

    I agree.
  3. Darn it! Where are my track shoes!!! I just received a daily job email alert at 1:09p central time today. The job was for graduate nurse (telemetry) at TX Health Resources in Dallas. I clicked on the link to apply for the job and BOOM....this job no longer exists....this posting has been removed by the originator....blah, blah, blah, something to that effect. This has happened to me before when I've clicked on other links for jobs that I get in my email alerts. Thought it was just a fluke but now I'm starting to wonder....according to the website this job was just posted at 2am, Apr 22nd. Today is Apr 23rd and it's already removed? Could they have possibly gotten so many applications that the shut down the posting before 36 hours had lasped? If my head doesn't start spinning around and fly off the top of my neck really soon I'll be shocked....and might start trying to unscrew it myself. Oy.
  4. TheLabeledBones

    New RN looking for Dallas job...

    Thanks Jenfire...I was really excited about getting my license and am really happy to have it. Thanks Commuter, I'm going to check out those hospitals you mentioned. Fathertod--I wouldn't mind moving to Pearsall, San Anton, Anchorage, or Guam for that matter....I just don't have the money to do it. Ye ole catch 22, I've got to move to get a job? Well, I've got to get a job to be able to save money to move. Oh, well....I have started exploring other cities...cities where I have friends I could stay with if I got a job there....just until I get on my feet. Boy, that's something I never thought I'd be saying after finishing nursing school and getting my license..... I lament, I lament, I lament. Sorry you guys, just one of those days. Oh well, thanks for the advice everyone....back to the applications for me. Take care everybody.
  5. TheLabeledBones

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    NICU Nurse's posting is scary! If she can't get into Baylor with her experience what does that say for a new grad like me???
  6. TheLabeledBones

    New RN looking for Dallas job...

    Hi everybody, I'm a new RN, just passed the NCLEX and TX Nursing Jurisprudence Exam and was issued my license on 4/6/2010. Woohoo! Very happy about that, right? Yes, but then....I'm having trouble seeing openings at different hospitals. Seems like the big ones have all but shut down new grad hiring (Baylor, Parkland, etc.) Does anyone know of any hospitals/clinics/LTCs in the Dallas area that are looking for new grads who already have their licenses? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody. P.S. Picked the dollar sign icon for this posting b/c I am BROKE...need a job, lol....yeah, but seriously--need a job. TheLabeledBones
  7. TheLabeledBones

    I fainted today in the ICU!

    Hi Ail-- Try not to feel too bad about it... Umpteen years ago when I was a phlebotomist I was terrified at the idea of sticking a needle into someone...terrified that I was going to hurt them. I used to get nauseous everytime I had to give someone a stick. Then finally, as I did it more and more I got used to it. I could be sticking the sickest patient making the worst noises (b/c of the pain of their disease process) and making the worst smell and I would just get in there, get the blood and get out. So I thought I was over it, right? Thought I'd mastered the weak stomach.... In Fall 2008 I was taking my med/surg clinical and some of our class was asked to assist the wound care nurse with a dressing change and wound debridement. Oy. WOUNDS...need I say more? My pride kept me in the room until I started to see the black spots and stars. Then I excused myself to the hallway to get myself together. I told my clinical instructor and she encouraged me, saying "Don't worry. You got used to it once, you'll get used to it again." So I'm keeping faith in that. Now I'm a nursing school grad studying for the NCLEX and wanting to work in the ER--if you believe that! But I have faith that I'll be able to get past it. I've always told myself, with nursing school, passing the NCLEX, getting the ER nursing job....if all those other people can do it, then so can I. And so can you!