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  1. Meant tips** not trips. Lol Hi. I am a new grad RN in the ICU. I have 4 years experience being a floating nurse tech in a large medical center and for my final semester did clinicals where I just got my new job. The first 3 days were amazing. Very helpful staff- already did more than I did all throughout nursing school. Had my first code and compressions. Hung blood. Insulin drip. It was awesome. Of course I was always being watched. :-). I am loving the environment and the challenges-- I couldn't be any happier! In one month I'll have ACLS and Tele. In May Ill have my BSN, so after that I'd like to become CCRN-- could anyone tell me about the course? What's it like? Any pointers? Is there any trick that you use in your mind to keep your labs straight... I can usually remember them, but it takes awhile... I have to remember what organ it deals with... Then ranges... What's high and low... And what can happen next-- what else can this effect/mean?... Is there a way to group some so that they make more sense? I plan to look through some things on days I'm off... But I'm always looking for a more efficient way of thinking/doing something. Love to hear any advice! Thanks