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  1. UMMMMM maybe its me but you cannot equate being a pilot to a nurse!!! that is like Beyonce giving up being a singer/actress and becoming a nurse and saying " this is chump change for me". My point is if your all about money and money makes you happy then you need to get out this filed and go into something else.
  2. D85619

    Is nursing really THAT bad?

    You know whats funny the ones who make it sound so bad are the ones who didnt do a research at all. like one person i was talking to said she didnt make enough money and she hates her hrs (12 hr shifts) the way she was talking i was thinking she been a RN for years but noo she been working as an RN for less then a year and no she was not no CNA or LVN before that. oh and she was making like 26 bucks an hr. i could go on and on about the wrong people who gets into this filed. Its not for everybody i guess that's the best way i can say it.
  3. D85619

    Can You Live Off A CNA's Pay? Do you?

    CNAs get paid 8 an hr?? i know CNAs that get paid 12 and more now i could live off that right now.
  4. Even though this article is not talking about any of the MA,DA,ST, or LVN/LPN programs but i still think its a good read. i put the link and i copy and paste the story just in case.If someone else already posted this my bad. http://finance.yahoo.com/college-education/article/109081/in-hard-times-lured-into-trade-school-and-debt
  5. If you want to start working in a month or two CNA, If you have 13 to 16 months then Tech.
  6. D85619

    Associates in Nursing vs Bachelors?

    i agree:yeah:anyway it goes your an RN:lol2: if you have the time to go for your BSN then go, if you dont then go for your ADN:D
  7. well if you love it that bad don't let that school stop you! i don't know what state you stay in but if you stay in a state that has a ton RN schools/programs then enroll there. even if you have to drive a 1hr away do it. but dont be bummed out about it, keep moving forward....
  8. Well since you completed 2 semesters do you know could you sit on the NCLEX-PN? i know many RN students who have done that because they were unable to finish there RN program at that time. is that an option for you?? or see can you enroll at another school and start were you left off. I myself would not want to return to school like that. yeah you could sue but that takes a long time. see you at least you have some options. about the whole "unsafe" thing i know a ton instructors who are RN's,MDs, (from family and friends) that could be a million and one things from anyone stand point.
  9. I have another question to is this an LVN/LPN or RN program??????
  10. I have a question is this school a CC,University, or Trade school? and Does that school have a history of doing that to students? what it seems to me that your instructor or instructors didn't like which i so hate to say that. I am not a nursing student but i am an ST student and my instructor talked about how she has seen instructors act very childish and if they don't like that student they'll just find a reason to get rid of them and she said she seen that a lot in nursing schools/programs. I hope that is not your case and i hope you find out the REAL reason for the removal.
  11. D85619

    Approved for a BSN course of study yesterday. :)

  12. D85619

    Unemployed Associates and Bachelors RNs

    I going to have to agree with what the others have said if your not being picky and you are not willing to relocate then you could missing out on a job. A friend of mine from California left and went to the south yeah he not in love were he is living at but he loves his job and is getting the experience which most employers are asking for. Now at first he wasn't going to that but now hes glad he did because tell this day some of his classmate still haven't found jobs. So in all its really up to the person and yes i do understand not everybody can do what he did.
  13. D85619

    One Doctor's debt, a cautionary tale

    I wonder if she was in the medical field before? By reading it I am guessing not!I have a couple of family members who are doctors one went to medical school in 90s and the one went around the same time she went. They are not high in debt or even filed bankruptcy and the reason for that is because they worked a part-time job on Friday ,Saturday,and Sundays when they were in med.school. Now don’t get me wrong yes medical school is hard but that does not mean you cant work a job part time so you don’t have to take a 20,000 to live off of. I don’t know I kind of feel sorry for her and I kind of don’t. And I wonder how long she going to wait to have kids she 41 years old well that’s another subject…