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  1. Medic2RN662

    Reproductive Health

    Reproductive Health was one of the hardest test I have ever taken for Excelsior (and I'm waiting for the FCCA to open in July). I would outline the outline and then outline it again. There are websites out there that will help you with this subject matter. Good luck..
  2. Medic2RN662

    Start Excelsior LPN to ADN July...

    I just completed the Excelsior RN program and am waiting for the FCCA to open up. Then on to the CPNE. I would say the best thing to do is to schedule your first exam as soon as possible. Light the fire, so to speak. And study like you have never studied before . . . don't hesitate to Google lectures, quizzes and study materials you need to pass. There is no instructor there is only you. So if you fail (and that means a D to Excelsior) well you get the point. Good luck.