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  1. hokie87

    Wait listed at VCU :(

    Hi Cathylady, I graduate with a BS degree from Virginia Tech in May. I got wait listed to the Accelerated Nursing program at VCU for 2010! I hope being wait listed will give me a good chance to get into the nursing program!
  2. hokie87

    Marymount Accelerated BSN Program Fall 09

    I would just turn in my application before the earlier deadline. I also applied to the accelerated nursing program at Marymount, and I already got my application in for 2010! I think maybe if you don't get into the program, they put you on the second round, which can be like they will review your application again if theres room? Like a wait list? I can be wrong.. I'm not positive though.. anyone want to clarify?? :)
  3. I just applied to the GMU Accelerated Program for 2010... and I just found out I got wait listed at VCU. Is GMU typically harder to get into than the other nursing programs in VA? It seems more competitive, compared to the other nursing schools, which is making me really worried, because if I didn't even get into VCU, then GMU seems harder to get into! Its my first choice, and I already took all my pre-req classes. I'm expecting to graduate from VT in May, so I'm ready to start nursing in the Fall. Does anyone have more info. about the avg. GPA required to get into GMU? Does anyone also know if the TEAS counts a lot toward your application? Thanks!
  4. hokie87

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    I have no idea what a good score is! I didn't do as well.. got 79.8% I don't know how much they factor your score in anyways. I think this is the first year they're making you take the exam, so I hope they won't count it in as much.
  5. hokie87

    George Mason University Nursing department

    I also applied to the GMU Accelerated Nursing program for Fall 2010! Does anyone know the stats? I know its very competitive to get in.. also, I know the TEAS exam was new. Does anyone know what a competitive score is?
  6. hokie87

    Wait listed at VCU :(

    I also got wait listed at VCU =/ Honestly I was expecting to get in, since I was planning on starting right after I graduate this May. Did you apply anywhere else? I also applied to GMU and Marymount, so I'm hoping to get into either one. Does anyone know the chances of getting into the program if wait listed? Like how many students got lucky from the wait list and got into the program?? And usually do they notify you like right before classes start? They said they would notify us from mid-March to May?? Any insights? Thanks!
  7. hokie87

    VCU 2010 Accelerated BSN

    Hey! Yea I also applied to the Accelerated Nursing Program at VCU and just heard back like two days ago.. it came in the mail to my home address. Maybe you should call them to ask when they mailed your letter, it should be coming! Good luck! :)